StackPath was a platinum sponsor of Streaming Media East—the world’s leading streaming media conference. Our sales and marketing teams rocked our booth in the exhibit hall, and Kip Turco, our CEO, gave an excellent fireside chat about edge computing.

I had a fantastic opportunity to represent CDN edge delivery and StackPath in a panel discussion about delivering streaming media at scale. During my panel, moderator Tommy Flanagan fielded a few interesting questions about when there are too many CDNs in a multi-CDN setup and how companies make their millions from the tidal wave of streaming media. He also provided a fun chance to talk about a recent horror story and its lessons.

The limits on the number of delivery networks in a multi-CDN setup are proportional to the integration work required to configure, manage, and monitor the networks. This is why the Streaming Video Alliance’s work on the open caching framework makes so much sense for customers.

The efficiency of a delivery network, I believe, is the key to revenue generation (i.e., our millions). The cost of equipment and transit being what it is necessitates the ideal use of the excess capacity required to support the flash traffic of live video events. Creating and selling these products is a great way to monetize existing resources fully.

Lastly, if you want to hear about my recent horror story (who doesn’t love a good horror story?), check out the replay of my panel on the Streaming Media YouTube channel once the videos are live. I’ll give you one hint: it involves the importance of traffic congestion on high jitter or high packet loss networks.

I look forward to chatting with Tommy and the other participants again in the future, and I hope to see you all at Streaming Media East 2023!

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