Slides – Free Static Website Generator and Landing Page Builder

  • Your service is awesome! I’m a designer by trade with some coding knowledge but this is great even for me.

    Michael Kirlew

  • Worth every penny, if you have basic HTML knowledge. It helped us get an exceptional landing page up and running in no time.

    Darren J Smith

  • An extremely fast and flexible solution for realizing any creative idea, but what’s most impressive is the level of support — truly unprecedented!

    Bogusz Szurkowski

  • The masters at Designmodo have made a beautiful website builder that just plain kicks butt. What are you waiting for? Make your life easy and buy it.

    Jeremy Boom

  • Slides is a dead-simple yet infinitely customisable way to quickly create breath-taking websites and presentations — it allowed me to focus on content and design, not worry about programming!

    Nikola Vukovic

  • I’ve built websites for more than 20 years. By using a beautiful and well coded framework like Slides I can now offer an affordable solution that my clients fall in love with, which I don’t have to spend weeks building.

    David Couillard

  • Slides gave us all the tools need to quickly create a marketing site, without the hassle and overhead of a full blown CMS. Fast, secure, and easy to tailer to our needs. We get a lot of compliments on the site as well. Great work Designmodo!

    JP Holecka

  • Slides is the convenient tool, it has a big library of made-up components. This framework without problems supports third-party js modules and integration with any system of analytics. On the basis of this product, you can realize every idea and quickly test it on real users.

    Andrey Zaitsev

  • Slides Framework is intuitive, easy to work with and very neatly coded. It was no brainer to work with by all of our staff members with no learning curve. Must have for those who want to have a simply beautiful slider website without the hassle.

    Dmitri Rassadkine

  • This is easily one of the most exhaustive frameworks for constructing a landing page with style. The code is exquisite, customization is fantastic, and the Slides code generator can save hours of toil.

    Jake Rocheleau

  • The Slides is an incredible tool that did not limit my creativity to the development of my website, really helped me to promote my business and presents it in a surprising way.

    Leandro Rocinny

  • Slides is an awesome solution for web presentations which are necessary for startups at any stage.

    Boris Goncharov

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