React JS Tutorial for Beginners – Learn React 18 with TypeScript and build awesome frontend app!
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00:00:00 – Course Intro
00:01:55 Prerequisites
00:02:43 What is React?
00:04:57 Setting Up the Development Environment
00:06:24 Creating a React App
00:09:17 Project Structure
00:11:20 Creating a React Component
00:16:41 How React Works
00:19:00 React Ecosystem
00:21:04 Building Components
00:21:40 Creating a ListGroup Component
00:27:15 Fragments
00:29:42 Rendering Lists
00:33:11 Conditional Rendering
00:38:36 Handling Events
00:44:43 Managing State
00:50:44 Passing Data Via Props
00:54:42 Passing Functions Via Props
00:58:27 State Vs Props
01:00:00 Passing Children
01:05:04 Inspecting Components with React Dev Tools
01:07:14 Exercise: Building a Button Component
01:14:15 Exercise: Showing an Alert

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