Follow these steps to prepare a Linux or Windows server backup system,

prodced by R1Soft,   for a bare metal restore.

1. Put the R1Soft Live Rescue CD into the machine you are going to restore
to, and boot.

Press enter at the splash screen.

2. Once you are logged in, type


and follow the prompts to configure
the network settings. Start SSH if you need to access the machine remotely.

3. Type ping to test the network connectivity.

4. To simplify things, its usually a good idea to check if there are any
existing partitions on the drives you are restoring to. To do so, type

fdisk -l

to obtain a list of hard drives. Take note of the drive labels e.g. /dev/sda.

Then type

cfdisk /disk/label

to access the partition table of that specific
disk. From here you can delete all existing partitions until there is only free
space, and then quit the program.

5. The machine itself is now ready to be restored to;

Login to the R1Soft
Backup Server web interface, click on the host you want to restore, click on the
Backup & Restore tab,  and then click on Bare Metal Restore.

Now just follow
the prompts to restore the machine.

6. Once the restore is completed, you will need to unplug the USB CD drive
and make sure the boot order in the BIOS is set to the main hard