Combine the best free VPS on the web (Oracle Ampere) with the best free CDN (Cloudflare). This works well with HestiaCP and once set up this will provide outstanding performance and capactity.

All the commands used are over on my blog here:

Of course, this is probably overkill for most small projects or websites. If you want a more simple setup process, follow the previous tutorial using a regular DNS provider like Namecheap here:

After finishing this tutorial, you’ll likely want to setup an SMTP relay to improve your email, we covered this previously in our last Hestia tutorial at the 15min mark:

0:00 Introduction
1:59 Oracle instance setup
3:50 DNS Records in cloudflare
4:52 Hestia install
7:07 Port 2083 Setup
8:44 Cloudflare CA setup and SSL
11:31 Web domain setup with SSL
13:31 Mail tips
14:30 SSL Tips
15:30 Conclusions