How to restart postgresql

Just log into root on your Linux box and use this command :/etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql start


Google Page Rank – Important or Just Another Number?

Google Page Rank (or PR as it is often referred to as) is simply an indication of the number of websites that link to a specific website. It also attempts to indicate the quality of


What is Going on with Google PR and Backlinks?

With more and more noise on various forums from anxious webmasters I decided to take a look at the data available to me, and there were a few tell-tale observations that might help clear up


Worldpay struck by online attack

The internet payment system Worldpay is under attack from unknown hackers, disrupting thousands of online retailers around the world.


IMAP vs. POP3 E-mail Accounts

Basically both IMAP and POP are different protocols for handling e-mail. Each has its own unique function and purpose. Protocol allows IMAP to deal with e-mail in a different way than POP does. POP is


Switching web hosts

Switching Hosts What do you do when your current web host isn?t meeting your needs? It?s time to think about looking for one that will. It?s not unusual for businesses & consumers to search out


The dilemma with purchasing cheap web hosting

Back in the early days of the Internet at the turn of the century?that would be four years ago?hosting companies that were first off the block in the Internet land grab had the luxury of


Pico editior : Simple commands

You need to establish a Shell session to a UNIX account. Once the connection is established, you will need to type your username and your password to gain access to the system.


How to Disable Telnet

Telnet sends clear text passwords and usernames through logins and should be disabled on all web servers and replaced with SSH.


Webpage Title for High Search Engine Rankings

Your webpage title (that appears in the browser window) is the most important aspect of your page. Search Engines give words in your title the highest relevancy to any search. Choosing a good title is


Site Promotion Things You Should Avoid

The formerly self-imposed 640×400 window width was the defacto standard of page design. After six months of watching logs, and checking major hit count sites, less than 10% of users now report a window that


Designing a High Search Engine Rankings Page

Here is my step by step process of building a killer page for high search engine placement and ranking. Each step of building the killer page is explain in detail elsewhere among these pages, so


Designing For Repeat Users

Repeat usage is one of the great keys to the long term success of a web site. It is one of the toughest to measure and hardest to create.


Keyword URLS

This is a very cheap but effective trick. Using a keyword in your URL will help boost your relevancy on most search engines.


Rules of Web Site Promotion

Our working and continually evolving set of promotion rules.


Shell Commands

Simple Shell commands for Informational purposes


Simple Shell Commands

Simple Shell commands for filesystem


The New MSN Search May Be a Google Killer!

The Second Look at MSN’s Search technology is available for public beta testing. I’ve given it a spin myself and must say that I’m impressed. Although they have no ads on the SERP’s of the


Why You Need A Domain Name?

On the World Wide Web your domain name is your own unique identity. No two parties can ever hold the same domain name simultaneously; therefore your Internet identity is totally unique. If you have a


Basic HTML Tags

The most important tags in HTML are tags that define headings, paragraphs and line breaks. The best way to learn HTML is to work with examples. We have created a very nice HTML editor for

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