SEO Linking: 200 New, Good Directories

Summary: Are article directories the new SEO link directories? As 1990s-era link directories fade into relative irrelevance, article directories offer new opportunities for one-way inbound links. There are currently about 200 of these directories, none of which charges a fee.

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New Dreamweaver Tutorials

Macromedia Dreamweaver is the most powerful WYSIWYG site building tool, one just as respected for what it does do as what it doesn’t. What it does offer is an intuitive environment for building cross-platform sites. What it doesn’t do is alter existing HTML by inserting esoteric tags that add nothing but weight.

Dreamweaver is a favorite of multimedia designers, since it easily integrates with other Macromedia applications, like Flash and Shockwave. It’s probably a less popular choice for small staffs or corporate sites, since it doesn’t come with a library of Web-ready graphics, like FrontPage and NetObjects does.

? Dreamweaver Tutorial : The Interface
? Dreamweaver Tutorial : Site Management
? Dreamweaver : Page Properties
? Dreamweaver Tutorial : Dreamweaver and HTML (Working With Dreamweaver and HTML)
? Dreamweaver Tutorial : Working With Forms
? Dreamweaver Tutorial : Inserting Images and Creating Links
? Dreamweaver Tutorial : Lists and Imagemaps
? Dreamweaver Tutorial : Working With Tables
? Dreamweaver Tutorial : Behaviors ?
? Define a New Site in Dreamweaver
? Creating Links in Dreamweaver
? Inserting Fireworks HTML into a Dreamweaver Webpage

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Webcentral data center is down !

WebCentral, Australias biggest web hosting provider, is experiencing a mayor outage!

Read their notice here:
Outage:05 December 12:00 AEST
Water supply to our Wickham Street premises has been cut this morning, which has affected the air conditioning in our data centre. We initially shut off all non-essential services in an attempt to reduce the impact of this water supply issue. The air-conditioning has now reached a critical point and we have been forced to shut down all data centre facilities at Wickham Street in a controlled way to minimise damage to servers and other equipment. Water supply has been re-established, but it will take some time for the cooling towers to replenish and air-conditioning to return to normal. We will post an update on this issue as soon as possible.

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Microsofts main concerns: Google and Skype

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is a concerned man these days. So concerned is Gates about the emergence of Google as a major player in the web services division that he sent a memo to his staff on Sunday. This memo that has now famously been leaked is entitled, ‘Executive Staff and Direct Reports; Distinguished Engineers.’
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Does Skype make sense for business?

Needs to be secure and reliable…

By Sylvia Carr: Skype – the voice-over-IP software – is known for offering a way to make free calls anywhere in the world. Its friendly user interface, which you can personalise with pictures just like instant messaging apps, screams ‘consumer’ and one would imagine customers include university students and home users.

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Australia Hosting Services 2005-2009 Forecast

by Tim Sheedy, Margaret Banaghan, Patrik Bihammar : This IDC study presents the 2005?2009 market sizing and spending forecast for the Australia systems infrastructure service provider (SISP) market, together with supporting analyses of the underlying forces that are shaping the evolving market., either driving customer demand or inhibiting market growth. The SISP market is predicted to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 12% throughout the 2005?2009 forecast period, expanding from A$340 million to A$599 million.
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Syctl.conf Hardening

Syctl.conf Hardening
The purpose of syctl hardening is to help prevent spoofing and dos attacks. This
short guide will show what I have found to be a good configuration for the sysctl.conf
configuration file. The most important of the variables listed below is the enabling
of syn cookie protection. Only place the bottom two if you do not want your server
to respond to ICMP echo, commonly referred to as ICMP ping or just ping requests.
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What your choice of Linux distribution says about you

Many Linux newbies — or wanna-be newbies — get hung up over the choice of their initial distribution. We here at NewsForge have put a lot of thought into this, and have decided to share our best thinking on the subject in order to help ease you newbies out of the monopoly spread into the Linux world. The most important thing for newbies to consider is this: what does your choice of distributions say about you?
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Apache Updates HTTP Servers

By Sean Michael Kerner : New versions of both branches of the Apache Software Foundation’s (ASF) HTTP Web server are now available.

Apache HTTP Server 1.3.34 and Apache HTTP Server 2.0.55 are both principally security and bug fix releases.

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Setting up Samba

What is Samba?

“Samba is an Open Source/Free Software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.” Samba is freely available, unlike other SMB/CIFS implementations, and allows for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based clients
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90s Web Design: A Nostalgic Look Back

A nostalgic look back at 90s web design, and a warning to
anyone whose website is an accidental anachronism.

Remember the days when every PC was beige, every website had a little
Netscape icon on the homepage, Geocities and Tripod hosted just about every
single personal homepage, and “Google” was just a funny-sounding word?
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