Will Googles Writely dethrone Microsoft?

With Google’s acquisition of Writely, I really find it hard to swallow that Microsoft is just going to bite the dust in a matter of months like everyone seems to be predicting. Microsoft has a death


UNIX vs. Windows- What server operating system should you use for your web host

So you’ve decided to create a website? The most obvious thing that you need is of course web hosting. Among other things, like cost and features, you’ll need to decide which server you’ll need: Windows


Disable Smart Errors

Cpanel is not terribly intelligent about interpreting SMART errors or how it runs the SMART monitoring or analysis scripts. As a result is is pretty common to receive Cpanel SMART alerts which are bogus. Disable


Install APF Firewall on a cPanel sever

To install APF firewall login to your server as root and follow this tutorial


Security Guide for cPanel servers

You must keep your box secure at all times, getting compromized could lead to dataloss, which means you loose clients which isnt a very good way to run your buisness. You dont have to be


Avoiding the Web Hosting Nightmare

Ultimately, the true test of a web host comes from your own experiences with them. With this article, I wanted to compile some of the experiences of a few people to bring to you cautions


Dealing With Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Distributed denial of service attacks are frustrating — they’re frustrating for the company under attack, and frustrating for the web host. They can also be costly in terms of business and goodwill lost. Fortunately, there


Domain Names Cybersquatting on the Rise, Says WIPO

Domain Cybersquatting is at its highest level in four years. Is the dispute resolution system still working? Or are other factors causing problems?


Police Look To MySpace For Sex Predators

Social networking websites are not only tools for criminals and social pariahs to mine their perversions, but also increasingly for law enforcement to collect evidence and set traps. MySpace.com is the latest online area being


Google?s Move Into Radio: What Does It Mean?

Google made headlines last week when it agreed to pay $1.1 billion for dMarc, a Newport Beach-based company that makes a suite of radio station automation tools.


IBM, Google, Team On Open Ajax

The old line and the new guard in technology joined a group focused on delivering an open source project based at promoting the adoption of web development using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technology.

Google tosses IRS under the BUS

During its earnings announcement, Google noted how higher than expected taxes caused the company to miss Wall Street expectations.


Stop PHP nobody Spammers

PHP and Apache has a history of not being able to track which users are sending out mail through the PHP mail function from the nobody user causing leaks in formmail scripts and malicious users


cPanels fix for perl

John Wigle reports : This email was sent out to all of those who directly purchase cPanel licenses, of course if you are like most people and do not directly own a license but get


HELP! My server is under a DDOS attack!

Ok first just take a breath, you are getting nothing done by worrying. This guide is meant to try and help mitigate the effects of an attack that is in progresss. I have compiled a


Fourteen Percent of Internet visits ITunes

Many more visitors beat a path to the iTunes front door, with traffic increasing dramatically year-over-year from December 2004 to December 2005.

Who you are according to google

A Google search can be a good barometer of how pervasive some stereotypes are in the world. If a search spider could sum up a nationality, a race, a religion in a few words, what


Requirements for ecommerce – Shopping Carts – SSL Secure Server Certificate

Requirements for ecommerce Registered domain name. Domain names can be registered with AUSWEB at http://www.auswebdomains.com eCommerce Web hosting package Website with an electronic shopping cart so you can display and sell your products or services


Does Yahoo Aspire To Be MySpace?

Hang out with friends, listen to new music, talk about what’s important to you, share pictures from a party, MySpace has become the teen place and now has 47.3 million users.


BCC/php spam email and a fix

eth00 writes: So I am sure if you are running a cPanel server you are having the exact same trouble as we have been having the last week, lots of spam! It appears there is

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