Do You Need A Child Theme?

Creating a child theme is generally the best practice  for modifying or customizing an existing theme. However in a couple of cases there may be another, easier way, especially for beginners and non-coders. Why Use

Etherpad – A Real Time Web Based Online Collaborative Document Editor for Linux

Etherpad is a web based free document editor tool which allows a group of users to work jointly on a document in a real time, like a multi player editor which runs on a web

10 Useful Open Source Security Firewalls for Linux Systems

Being an Nix admin over 5+ years, I always be responsible for the security management of Linux servers. Firewalls plays an important role in securing Linux systems/networks. It acts like an security guard between internal

10 Useful Chaining Operators in Linux with Practical Examples

Chaining of Linux commands means, combining several commands and make them execute based upon the behaviour of operator used in between them. Chaining of commands in Linux, is something like you are writing short shell

BleachBit – A Free Disk Space Cleaner and Privacy Guard for Linux Systems

When you are browsing the internet, installing and uninstalling software, it’s really possible that you leave traces everywhere. It may eat your hard disk space without you realize or in a browser world, your trace

Internal PHP Upgrade

In cPanel & WHM software version 11.42, we will upgrade our internal PHP to version 5.4. This version offers dramatic improvements in performance, introduces new features, and removes deprecated functions. For more information about the

29 Practical Examples of Nmap Commands for Linux System/Network Administrators

The Nmap aka Network Mapper is an open source and a very versatile tool for Linux system/network administrators. Nmap is used for exploring networks, perform security scans, network audit and finding open ports on remote or – Which Is Right For You?

One of the most confusing things about WordPress is that there’s basically two ways you can use it and your decision will have a significant impact on what you can do with your website. You

Trouble Maker – Breaks Your Linux Machine and Ask You to Fix Broken Linux

Fixing a broken Linux System can be a cumbersome job if you don’t have the idea of what exactly is going on. What most of us do when we gets a broken Linux system? Most

10 Useful Free Linux eBooks for Newbies and Administrators

If you’re using any AdBlock, the download links will not be shown. Please, disable it and then reload the page to make download links visible. If you’re planning to take your Linux learning process to

10 Linux Interview Questions and Answers for Linux Beginners – Part 3

Continuing the Interview Questions series, with a big thanks for the nice feedback on last two articles of this series, we are here presenting 10 questions again for interactive learning. 11 Basic Linux Interview Questions

Zorin OS 7 Released – A Ultimate Linux Desktop with Windows 7 Feel

Since Linux is founded in 1991, Linux is transformed into a mature operating system, ready to use operating system even for people that never touch a computer before. Linux at the beginning only had Command

[UPDATED] Reminder: EasyApache EOL Items to be Removed by End of 2013

Latest Update: The EasyApache team has pushed the release of a new version to early 2014. Please follow cPanel Blog and the Forums for further updates. —————————————————————————————————— The EasyApache team tentatively plans to release a

Beware of WordPress Community links

If you’re a blogger, particularly one who uses WordPress, you may well have received an email, or a contact form submission, with content very much like this: You have been chosen by WordPress community to

Less Talk…More Code

One of the concerns that came up in feedback from my “Pluginology 101” presentation at cPanel Conference 2013, as well as the live lab that followed, was that more training is needed regarding the basics

Be careful what you comment on

Over the last few months I have been receiving increasing numbers of emails which go along the lines of: Two years ago I made a comment on your article (TITLE HERE), which linked to my

How to Install and Configure UFW – An Un-complicated FireWall in Debian/Ubuntu

Since computers are connected to each other, services are growing fast. Email, Social Media, Online Shop, Chat until Web Conferencing are services that used by user. But on the other side this connectivity just likes

Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Released – Installation Guide with Screenshots & Features

Linux Mint 16 codename “Petra” based on Ubuntu 13.10 was released on Saturday 30 November, 2013 and made available in two editions i.e MATE & Cinnamon. The new release comes with latest and greatest updated

How To Make Sure Your WordPress Site Looks Good on Facebook

Here’s an interesting factoid for you. Approximately once every 13 seconds* another blogger posts on an internet forum or group a variation on the following question: “Why does Facebook always show the wrong image when

CentOS 6.5 Released – Upgrade from CentOS 6.x to CentOS 6.5

On 1 December 2013, CentOS project team has announced the release of CentOS 6.5 Enterprise Linux for both i386 and x86_64 system architecture. This release was their fifth update in the CentOS 6.x series and

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