UI Technology Preview: MySQL Feature Using Modern Tools and Technology

The cPanel User Interface team has been hard at work these past six months. One of the projects we have been working on, in the shadows of the publicly released features, is an exploration of

FrostWire 5.7.2 Released – A BitTorrent Client for Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint and Fedora

FrostWire (formerly known as Gnutella) is an open source P2P client alternative to Limewire. It was originally very similar to LimeWire in appearance and performance, but later developers added more rich features such as including

GNU Debugger or GDB: A Powerful Source Code Debugging tool for Linux Programs

A debugger plays a vital role in any software development system. Nobody can write a bug-free code all at once. During the course of development, bugs are being raised and needs to be solved for

Integrate Ubuntu System in Zentyal PDC (Primary Domain Controller) – Part 5

After my previous tutorials on Zentyal 3.4 running as a PDC, where I have joined only Windows related OS so far, is time to integrate Linux distributions systems to this domain name. Install Zentyal as

How To Add Social Icons To Your WordPress Navigation Menu

I’m loving this new plugin I recently discovered called Menu Social Icons. In a simple and elegant fashion it allows you to easily add icons to the major social networks directly into your WordPress menus.

Setup File Sharing and Permissions for All Users in Zentyal 3.4 PDC – Part 4

For this setting you must visit my previous tutorials on Zentyal 3.4 PDC (installing, basic configuration, DNS, Remote Admin Tools, GPO and OU’s). Install Zentyal as PDC (Primary Domain Controller) and Integrate Windows – Part

Tea: An Ultimate Text Editor Cum Word Processor for Linux

A text editor is an application program which is used for editing plain text files, configuration files and source codes of programming languages. A word processor on the other hand performs word processing which includes

Creating Organizational Units (OU) and Enableing GPO (Group Policy) in Zentyal PDC Server – Part 3

After my previous two tutorials on installing, basic configurations and remotely access Zentyal 3.4 PDC form a Windows based node it’s time to apply some degree of security and configurations on your users and computers

Vuze: An Ultimate Most Powerful BitTorrent Client for Linux

Most of us are already familiar with Torrent, Torrent Files, Torrent Clients and have used them at some point of time and still using them. Torrent download may be legal or illegal and it totally

How to Setup Mobile Broadband in Netrunner KDE Edition

This article details how I setup my Mobile Broadband in Netrunner KDE Edition. I have tested it using Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance data cards. Netrunner KDE: Setup Mobile Broadband What is Netrunner? Netrunner is a

How to Perform Self-Heal and Re-Balance Operations in Gluster File System – Part 2

In my previous article on ‘Introduction to GlusterFS (File System) and Installation – Part 1‘ was just a brief overview of the file system and its advantages describing some basic commands. It is worth mentioning

How to Manage Zentyal PDC (Primary Domain Controller) from Windows System – Part 2

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can access and manage your Zentyal 3.4 Community Edition as a Primary Domain Controller from a Windows Based System using remote software on a Windows 8.1 Computer. Manage Zentyal

How to Install Dropbox (An Ultimate Cloud Storage) in Linux

In this era of Information Technology, data is all important. A data needs to be available across several machines at one/different point of time. Thus the concept of cloud storage was introduced. ‘Dropbox‘, the file

Install Zentyal as PDC (Primary Domain Controller) and Integrate Windows System – Part 1

This series will be titled Preparation for the setting up and managing Zentyal as PDC (Primary Domain Controller) through Parts 1-14 and covers the following topics. Part 1: Install Zentyal as PDC (Primary Domain Controller)

OpenVPN Server and Client Installation and Configuration on Debian 7

This article details how to obtain IPv6 connectivity on OpenVPN using Debian Linux. The process has been tested on Debian 7 on a KVM VPS with IPv6 connectivity as the server, and a Debian 7

Nautilus Terminal: An Embedded Terminal for Nautilus File Browser in GNOME

Terminal is one of the most important application in Linux which makes it possible for the end user to communicate to the Linux shell and pass instructions. There are several Terminal-like Application, available either in

Configuration Clusters in cPanel & WHM version 11.44

cPanel & WHM version 11.44 will introduce a new feature to help you manage configurations for multiple servers quickly and easily. New Configuration Cluster interface in cPanel & WHM version 11.44 The Configuration Cluster interface in

Manage Files Effectively using head, tail and cat Commands in Linux

There are several commands and programs provided by Linux for viewing the contents of file. Working with files is one of the daunting task, most of the computer users be it newbie, regular user, advanced

Fun in Linux Terminal – Play with Word and Character Counts

Linux command line has a lot of fun around itself and many tedious task can be performed very easily yet with perfection. Playing with words and characters, their frequency in a text file, etc is

The Complete Guide to “useradd” Command in Linux – 15 Practical Examples

We all are aware about the most popular command called ‘useradd‘ or ‘adduser‘ in Linux. There are times when a Linux System Administrator asked to create user accounts on Linux  with some specific properties, limitations

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