How to Configure Network (NIC) Bonding/Teaming on Debian Linux

NIC teaming presents an interesting solution to redundancy and high availability in the server/workstation computing realms. With the ability to have multiple network interface cards, an administrator can become creative in how a particular server

Learning Linux bash scripting for beginners

Bash (Bourne-Again Shell) is a Linux and Unix-like system shell or command language interpreter. It is a default shell on many operating systems including Linux and Apple OS X. If you have always used a


How to change the primary IP addres of a WHM/cPanel server

This is for CentOS/RHEL based servers. Steps in WHM: Log into WHM and go to Basic cPanel & WHM Setup Change the Primary IP here with the option that says “The IP address (only one address)

10 Amazing and Mysterious Uses of (!) Symbol or Operator in Linux Commands

The ‘!’ symbol or operator in Linux can be used as Logical Negation operator as well as to fetch commands from history with tweaks or to run previously run command with modification. All the commands

Install ‘Tails 1.4’ Linux Operating System to Preserve Privacy and Anonymity

In this Internet world and the world of Internet we perform most of our task online be it Ticket booking, Money transfer, Studies, Business, Entertainment, Social Networking and what not. We spend a major part

Reducing Our Installer’s Timey-Wimey Stuff

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect,but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint,it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.” Over the last few versions, we’ve noticed that

Install GLPI (IT and Asset Management) Tool with Fusion Inventory in Debian Linux

Any type of business is bound to have innumerable amounts of items that need to be inventoried, tracked, and managed. Doing so by means of pen and paper not only takes excessive amounts of time

30 Seconds to No More Spam with BoxTrapper

If you’re like me, you spend a good portion of your work day sorting through emails from some of your most trusted colleagues — Oprah, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, and maybe more. You might also

RHCSA Series: Yum Package Management, Automating Tasks with Cron and Monitoring System Logs – Part 10

In this article we will review how to install, update, and remove packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. We will also cover how to automate tasks using cron, and will finish this guide explaining

45 Zypper Commands to Manage ‘Suse’ Linux Package Management

SUSE (Software and System Entwicklung (Germany) meaning Software and System Development, in English) Linux lies on top of Linux Kernel brought by Novell. SUSE comes in two pack. One of them is called OpenSUSE, which

Guake 0.7.0 Released – A Drop-Down Terminal for Gnome Desktops

Linux commandline is the best and most powerful thing that fascinates a new user and provides extreme power to experienced users and geeks. For those who work on Server and Production, they are already aware

Top 13 WordPress Download Manager Plugins

WordPress is an excellent platform for blogging or hosting a website. However, it has evolved into much more than that. WordPress is now a powerful content management system which powers over 27% of the web,

A Shell Script to Monitor Network, Disk Usage, Uptime, Load Average and RAM Usage in Linux

The duty of System Administrator is really tough as he/she has to monitor the servers, users, logs, create backup and blah blah blah. For the most repetitive task most of the administrator write a script

Upcoming Web Stack Changes

Over the next weeks, we will be making a few EasyApache releases that are going to give you new features, as well as making some changes that we wanted you to be aware of. One

Install WordPress 4.7 using Apache in Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Writing an Apache or WordPress introduction will do no good due to the fact that both of them, combined together, are one of the most used Open Source platforms in Internet today, in fact Apache

RHCSA Series: Installing, Configuring and Securing a Web and FTP Server – Part 9

A web server (also known as a HTTP server) is a service that handles content (most commonly web pages, but other types of documents as well) over to a client in a network. A FTP

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Roundcube is the world’s leading open source webmail application. Creating a user-friendly email experience for over a decade, Roundcube has amassed millions of daily users across the globe — many of whom also happen to be

Install uGet Download Manager 2.0 in Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Fedora

After a long development period, which includes more than 11 developement releases, finally uGet project team pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest stable version of uGet 2.0. The latest version includes numerous

Caddy – A Lightweight HTTP/2 Web Server to Deploy and Test Websites Easily

A web server is a Server side application designed to process HTTP requests between client and server. HTTP is the basic and very widely used network protocol. We all would be familiar with Apache HTTP

RHCSA Series: Securing SSH, Setting Hostname and Enabling Network Services – Part 8

As a system administrator you will often have to log on to remote systems to perform a variety of administration tasks using a terminal emulator. You will rarely sit in front of a real (physical)

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