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In last week’s recent news, iconic brands such as Lacoste and General Motors have registered applications for NFT-related trademarks, while objects from the Titanic are set to become tokenized. Even the music industry is getting in on the action

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? Brands/Celebrities – Lacoste, General Motors, Sotheby’s, EA;
? Music NFTs – Spotify, Tupac, Coopahtroopa;
? Sports NFTs – NBA & ANT Group, OneFootball;
? AI Art – Images through the eyes of an AI;
? Meme of the week – Art, Utility, but Discord you have?

? Brands / Celebrities

  • Lacoste registers several applications for the Champs-Elysees trademark. It seems that NFTs are also related to the company’s plans.

  • General Motors did the same for Chevrolet and Cadillac.

  • Objects from the Titanic will become NFTs. Artifact Labs will tokenize ~5,500 items recovered from the Titanic, turning them into NFTs. Future objects brought to the surface will also be turned into NFTs.

  • Sotheby‘s will auction Neal Stepheson’s Snow Crash manuscript. The auction house is offering the original 1991 manuscript of the science fiction novel that invented the term “Metaverse,” along with a number of physical and digital collectibles.

  • Trip Hawkins, founder, and CEO of gaming giant EA, makes his Web3 debut with the launch of “Games For A Living”, his new NFTs-based company. The other co-founder is Manel Sort, former VP at King Games. EA (Electronic Arts) is the company behind FIFA or Need for Speed and in 2022 alone had $7 billion in revenue.

? Music NFTs

  • Spotify tests ways to access music based on NFTs. It has introduced a new feature called “token-enabled playlists”, which allows users with NFTs to access exclusive content and interact with the app in a different way. Currently, the feature is available for Creepz NFTs.

  • A collection of phygitals has been launched in memory of Tupac: 17 Shots. It includes photos from a 1992 concert by the hip-hop artist. In addition to owning the NFT, each owner will also receive the original negative of the photo.

  • Coopahtroopa announces a Music NFT event at ETH Denver with Sound, Spinamp and LNRZ.

? Sport NFTs

  • The NBA is partnering with the Chinese Ant Group (the fintech subsidiary of the Alibaba giant) to launch NBA-themed NFTs in China and create content.

  • OneFootball has cut another 150 jobs. The startup had raised $300 million in Series D since April 2022 and created OneFootball Labs alongside Animoca Brands and Liberty City Ventures.

? AI Art

Using AI, we type in a few words and it generates an image. For today’s we have a special guest contributor who used all Midjourney and the following words: “NFT digital artists::16 at Eiffel-tower::10 in cyberpunk background insanely detailed and intricate aperture, in neon light::2, insanely detailed and intricate, 16k (-v4, -q5)”

? Meme of the week

Art as art, but where’s the utility? Discord do you have?

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