We are excited to announce that our new StackPath (SP//) Log Streaming solution is now available in limited availability.

SP// Log Streaming gives SP// users visibility into events taking place on our platform. It provides data critical for operational decisions, reviewing and improving configurations, debugging, analytics dashboard creation, cost and resource management, and more. Users have control over the metrics they receive by selecting only the most relevant ones.

SP// Log Streaming will become our primary real-time data delivery solution. At launch, it supports delivering SP// CDN data logs to an Amazon S3 bucket. Support for additional SP// products (such as SP// WAF), additional third-party endpoints, and extended capabilities (such as aggregation and log replay) is coming soon.

If you’re a current CDN user and use or have considered our legacy raw logs solution, check out SP// Log Streaming today. We’re offering a 30-day free trial for testing and evaluation. Contact your SP// account manager or rep for availability and pricing.

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