In this video, I build a Netflix Clone using React, @Apollo GraphQL, @DataStax Astra + @Netlify Serverless Functions! For more free credits on top of your already free ones, use code ANIA200 on

This video is great for those wanting to see how I build an app that fetches data from our Cassandra database using the GraphQL API, as well as learn how to use pagination and slicing. Here are just a few things we will be covering:

00:00 Introduction
04:32 Signing up to our Datastax Astra Cassandra database
07:16 Using the GraphQL Playground
09:51 Creating Tables using GraphQL mutations
18:22 Adding Data using GraphQL mutations (you can use my pre-made data below)
25:03 Retrieving Data using GraphQL queries
26:20 Adding our Movies to our database
34:48 Retrieving all of our Movies by Genre
36:39 Limiting our Data in GraphQL queries
38:01 Creating our React App
41:31 What is LOLOMO at Netflix?
43:05 Setting up Netlify Serverless Functions
49:36 Adding your DataStax token and endpoint
46:03 Adding the Netlify config
46:56 Writing a serverless function to get the Genres
57:36 Getting the Genres using GraphQL
01:04:48 Getting the Movies by Genre in our browsers
01:20:45 Pagination in GraphQL
01:23:51 Calling the next page by button
01:31:19 Loading more Genres when we hover at the end of the screen
01:38:20 Adding a NavBar and HeroSection
01:42:20 Making our Movie Cards pop out when we hover over them
01:51:24 Making videos auto-play and show more info on hover
01:55:28 HeroSection
02:13:36 Font Awesome Icons
02:16:20 Final basic styling

Movie Data:

As always, please take this project and make it your own. I have done some basic styling for you to get going. This is not a tutorial on styling, it is more to practise your database management skills, so please go wild on the styling yourselves :D! I would love to see what you have made!!

The full finished project can be found here:

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