Welcome to this mini blockchain development lesson, in which we are going to learn about the new open source blockchain – Nervos, and earn money, crypto ($CKB) or USD, for each task we complete.

The Nervos Training Hackathon is a way for developers to complete Blockchain development tasks and get paid for their completion. There are 11 in total as of today, so you could win a sum of 340USD or the equivalent in crypto, and to get you started I’m here with a special guest Jordan, a senior Blockchain Developer who is going to help us through the first 3 tasks.

What we will be covering:
00:00 Intro
00:45 What is Nervos
03:50 Prerequisites
04:46 Task 1 – Setting up your CKB Node and CKB Indexer
09:00 CKB Node
19:21 CKB Indexer
33:55 Claiming your prize money
35:34 Task 2 – Create a Godwoken Account on the EVM Layer 2 Testnet
44:47 Create and fund an account with CKBytes on Layer 1
54:21 Deposit some CKBytes on Layer 2
01:03:10 Make a Deposit to Layer 2
01:05:18 CKBytes and Shannons
01:06:04 Creating a Transaction
01:10:35 Claiming your prize money
01:11:08 Task 3: Deploy a Simple Ethereal Smart Contract on Polyjuice
01:23:57 Claiming your prize money
01:25:26 Where to go next

By the end of all 11 tasks you would have successfully taken an existing Ethereum app and put it on Nevros.

Links mentioned in the video:
? Introduction: https://github.com/Kuzirashi/gw-gitcoin-instruction
? Task Setup and Requirements: https://github.com/Kuzirashi/gw-gitcoin-instruction/blob/master/src/task-setup-and-requirements/task-setup-and-requirements.md
? Gitcoin Bounties: https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/nervos
? Nervos Discord (Join #gitcoin-hackathon): https://discord.gg/AqGTUE9
? Nervos Network’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/nervosnetwork
? Jordan Mack’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jordan_mack

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