All traffic from devices connecting to your Wi-Fi passes through your router.
How much do you know about what your router is actually doing with that data
Which data does it collect?
Is it tracking the websites you visit?
Is it selling your data to 3rd parties?

A great article was released this week in CNet by Ry Crist, diving into all of this, and as an expert who has been researching routers for years he was able to dig into the privacy policies of major router companies and also ask them directly about their data policies.

We dive into what you need to know about routers: the data your router has access to, whether your privacy is at risk, and tools you can use to protect yourself.

0:00 Show Preroll
0:52 Show Intro
1:56 How much do you know about your Router?
1:57 CNET Article Review
3:36 What is a router and how does it manage your data
5:25 Problem With Privacy Policies
7:00 Lack Of Transparency
8:34 Google: The Sole Exception?
13:15 Read Between The Lines: CommScope & California Law
19:15 Opt-Out Provisions: Where are they??
22:50 TP Link Options: Hilarious And Ridiculous
23:23 Eero: “Then Stop Using Us”
28:06 TOR
32:08 HTTPS, SSL, and TLS: What Are They And What Are Their Differences?
35:55 Use End-to-End Encryption
39:38 TOR: More Info
40:05 Thanks CNET!
42:29 The Privacy Journey: Thanks, and Show Out

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