Everyone understands the importance of data-driven decision-making (DDDM), but only 58% of companies say they base their business decisions on accurate data. So, why is that?

Simply put, good data is hard to come by, and when you get your hands on some good data, it isn’t easy to sort through.

Many tools and solutions you use already house important data; however, most tools do an inadequate job at making that data easy to digest.

Introducing IP Spotlight

Here at StackPath, we understand the importance of observability, transparency, and simplicity regarding data. A large portion of our future roadmap is focused on precisely that. Up first, we are proud to launch IP Spotlight.

What is IP Spotlight?

IP Spotlight is a feature that allows our customers to investigate an IP address and gather more meaningful data about it. Some of the data we provide per IP address is as follows:

  • IP threat summary, including a risk assessment score
  • Use of botnets
  • “Known for” activities
  • IP ownership information
  • Request information, including requests blocked and a unique session count
  • Geographic information on attack origins and targets
  • Attack distribution over time

This feature shows you all the information we have gathered on any entered IP address so that you can make a more data-driven decision regarding securing your web presence.

How Does it Work?

Each IP address will render a Risk Assessment score calculated based on the information gathered through our robust network of StackPath customers. By using that score in combination with the other data provided, our customers can see, at a glance, whether this IP address is worthy of generating requests on your site.

When Can I Start Using IP Spotlight?

Starting today, all WAF Essentials, WAF Professional, and WAF Enterprise customers can begin using IP Spotlight at no additional cost. That’s right, your value from our WAF packages just improved.

If you are on any of our legacy WAF subscriptions, fill out a request form to find out how you can start leveraging IP Spotlight and our other observability and transparency-focused features to come in 2022 and beyond.

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