Breaking: North Korean Hacker group “Lazarus” tied to $625M crypto theft on the Axie Infinity “Ronin” blockchain
Inflation: It’s WORSE than you think
The Fed’s SECRET Repo Loans
Virgil Griffith in prison for 5 years for Teaching People About Crypto

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Welcome
01:51 – BREAKING: N. Korean Hackers tied to Massive Axie Infinity Crypto Theft
02:42 – INFLATION: 40 Year High
03:28 – Is the situation with Russia REALLY driving inflation?
11:09 – The Fed’s SECRET Repo Loans
17:28 – JAILED for Teaching People About Crypto
21:25 – Is Griffith’s sentencing really justice?
24:27 – Audience Reaction
24:44 – Quiz Answers and WINNER “dbwoodcraft”!
29:15 – Outro

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