I quit Instagram with meditation, and you can too

March Mindfulness is Mashable’s series that examines the intersection of meditation practice and technology. Because even in the time of coronavirus, March doesn’t have to be madness.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Instagram felt like an escape. I couldn’t meet up with friends at the movies or concerts or bars, so I upped my Instagram intake. And then it became a tick. Sitting on the couch? Check Instagram. Talking on the phone with my mom? Check Instagram. Standing in line at the store? Check Instagram. 

It got worse late last year, when COVID snuffed out holiday traditions. So I started to limit how much time I spent on the app by telling my phone to block me after 30 minutes. Then I’d unblock the block. I pushed Instagram to the last slot on the last page of my phone’s Home screen. Yet I still couldn’t shake it.  Read more…

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