How to Save Passwords and Manage on Brave browser?

The human brain fails us sometimes. We often forget important things like someone’s birthday or the password to our email.

Luckily, there are things like digital calendars and password managers to save the day. Password managers are a lifesaver that helps you keep track of your passwords. You can use password managers to avoid losing access to important accounts.

Many browsers have password managers to help users. Brave browser has a password manager too. Having different passwords for different accounts will not be a problem if you use this feature. Accessing passwords, modifying, and deleting passwords is possible in the Brave browser.

To help people use the password manager, we detailed managing and saving passwords on the Brave browser. From the auto sign-in option to importing passwords, read on to find out the details.

Brave browser’s password manager is a convenient tool. The feature is similar to Google’s password manager. Brave features a built-in password manager that allows you to see, update, add, or delete passwords you’ve already saved. It always asks users whether they want to save the entered password on a website.

Save Password on Brave browser

When you enter new login information for the first time, the Brave browser asks the users if they want to save it if the Offer to save passwords feature is turned on.

Here are the steps to save the passwords in the Brave computer browser:

  1. Launch the Brave computer browser.
  2. Open the login page of any website to save your username and password.
  3. Enter the sign-in credentials on the website.
    Save password pop-up dialog box in Brave computerSave password pop-up dialog box in Brave computerA pop-up will be displayed asking you whether to save the password. 
  4. Hit the Save button to save the password.

You can also edit the username and password field just in case you want to modify or capture it incorrectly before hitting the Save button.

Modify username field before saving password in BraveModify username field before saving password in Brave

The Brave browser will instantly save the password in the Brave password manager.

Manage Passwords Brave Computer

You need to go to the settings of the Brave browser to manage the stored username and corresponding passwords. You can also enable the auto sign-in feature.

Here are the steps to manage the saved password in the Brave computer browser:

  1. Launch the Brave browser on a computer.
  2. Click on the More menu and choose the Settings menu.
  3. Click on Additional Settings in the left panel.
  4. Select the Autofill option, and click on the Passwords tab.
    Autofill Passwords tab in Brave browserAutofill Passwords tab in Brave browser
  5. Manage the Saved password and Password Manager settings.

You can customize the settings, like enabling/disabling the pop-up that offers to save passwords on websites and enable or disable auto-sign with a toggle button.

Offer to save password and auto sign-in option in Brave browser settingsOffer to save password and auto sign-in option in Brave browser settings

Furthermore, you can view the saved passwords and modify and delete them from the browser storage.

Copy Edit and Remove saved password from Brave browserCopy Edit and Remove saved password from Brave browser

You can import and export your saved passwords locally or in a different browser from the Brave browser Passwords settings page. Close the settings page once you have made the required changes.

Import and Export password from the Brave computer browserImport and Export password from the Brave computer browser

Bottom Line: Brave Password Manager

Managing and saving passwords is no easy feat, but it can be simple. With Brave browser’s password manager, you can store passwords and log in to all your accounts instantly. It makes managing passwords so much easier.

If you are one of those people who uses a variation of the same password everywhere or you’re just plain forgetful, using the in-built password manager will make everything easier.

On the Brave browser, storing passwords and managing them is pretty uncomplicated. You can store passwords on Brave without worrying about anything. The browser’s password manager eliminates tedious tasks like entering the password and logging into a website.

If you’re skeptical about saving passwords on the Brave browser and are unsure of its efficiency, go through the post and learn more about it. The browser’s password manager is one of its best features. I promise you that using it will save you time and effort.