In this video tutorial, I dive into my lab and guide you through the steps involved to successfully migrate a Microsoft SQL cluster from a Netapp 7-Mode system to Clustered Data Ontap, utilizing the Netapp 7-Mode Transition Tool.

I have 2 Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 servers configured with Microsoft SQL clustering. Each server is connected to the Netapp 7-mode system via iSCSI in which there are 4 luns:

  • Databases
  • Logs
  • Quorum
  • Install

The objective of this lab is to migrate all 4 luns above from 7-mode to Clustered Data Ontap using the Netapp 7MTT tool.

Below is the Network Diagram illustrating how this lab is setup:

Netapp 7MTT SQL Lab


Netapp 7MTT: How to Migrate a Microsoft SQL Cluster from 7-mode to C-mode


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