How to Manage Download Settings on Brave Browser?

woman downloaded and watching videos on her laptop

All of us download stuff from the internet. Whether a document, an image, a video, audio, or any other file, downloading things from the internet is a cakewalk. Browsers allow users to browse the internet and download stuff, among other things. Users can download files that are important to them for personal or work purposes. The downloaded files are then stored on the user’s device. These files, once saved, are available for access. Users can access these files instead of searching for them online again and again. To efficiently manage the downloaded files, users can manage and change where they want them to be saved. Sometimes downloaded files can be lost, and looking for them takes up a lot of time and effort if the user is unsure of the location of these files. [related]Related: How to Download Page for Offline Access on Brave browser?[/related] Switching to the Brave browser made me realize that I needed to change the settings of the download on the browser to suit my needs. And it’s easy to manage the download settings on the Brave browser. It will help you keep track of all the files that you download.

Brave Download Settings

Downloading files is accessible, but it is essential to organize them. Organizing them is more accessible when the location where the downloaded files are saved is appropriate. Users can set the location of the downloaded files to manage their files better. If you have a specific folder you want your downloads to be in, then you can set it as the default location of the downloaded files. Users can also enable or disable the browser’s pop-up, which asks the user where they want to save the file each time they download it. Enable the browser pop-up, so you are notified before the file download starts.

Manage Download Settings on Brave

Managing the download settings on Brave browser is a process that can be done by heading to the additional browser settings. Here are the steps to manage the download settings on the Brave computer browser:

  1. Launch the Brave browser on a computer.
  2. Click on the More horizontal 3bar icon for options menu and select the Settings sub-menu. Brave browser Settings menu option
  3. Head to Additional settings from the left panel and choose the Downloads┬átab. Additional Settings with Downloads Tab in Brave Settings PageIt will open the Downloads Settings page. The location where the files are stored is displayed under “Locations”.
  4. Click on the [cmdbtn]Change[/cmdbtn] button to change the location. Change Download Folder Location in Brave Computer browser settingsIt will open the Finder/Explorer window.
  5. Choose Drive and Folder location on the device, and hit on [cmdbtn]Select Folder[/cmdbtn] to confirm. Choose drive and Select Folder for Download in Brave

That’s it. The newly chosen location will be the default download folder for any files downloaded on the Brave browser. Alternatively, you can also toggle the switch beside the Ask where to save each file before downloading for the Brave to ask the download location. Ask where to save each file before downloading toggle button in Brave Computer browser It’s sometimes annoying due to a pop-up requesting to choose the download location, but it will help you better organize.

Bottom Line: Brave Download Settings

Thus, managing the download settings on the Brave browser is essential for all users. Whether new or existing users, they can manage and change the location where they want the downloaded files to be saved on their devices. On the Brave browser, users must navigate to the browser settings and access the additional settings to manage the download settings. Users can choose where their downloaded files are saved for easy access. Users can manage the download settings on the Brave browser, so they do not lose files or waste time looking for them. [related]Related: How to Configure Privacy Settings on Brave browser?[/related] I hope you’ve learned how to manage the download settings on the Brave browser. You can organize your downloaded files more effectively by managing the download settings on the browser.