With our integrated videos plugin, you can embed high-quality educational tutorial videos on your site’s frontend and admin!

Video tutorials are a great resource to share insightful information in an organized way for you and your users.

The Integrated Video Tutorials plugin (IVT) functions as a perfect method to improve WordPress skills, onboard new users, and reduce support requests, making it valuable for anyone with access to your site to refer to.

Included are 45+ WordPress training videos which we keep regularly updated, white-label branding, user displays, and more. Plus, you can create and have your own custom training videos, along with even customized playlists.

In this article, you will learn how to get the most out of integrated tutorials. I’ll be going over how to:

  1. Install the Plugin and Explore the Overview of the Videos Dashboard
  2. Quickly Add a Custom Video
  3. Edit and View Videos
  4. Easily Create a Customized Playlist
  5. Adjust Additional Settings

When you’re finished reading, you’ll know the best way to deploy these videos for your WordPress sites and use them to their full potential — in just a few clicks!

1. The Hub dashboard, you can download the integrated videos plugin from the Plugins tab. Once you click on the integrated videos tab, you’ll get the options to Install or Download.

Where you download the integrated videos plugin.
When downloading, there’s also a detailed description of what’s all included.

Choosing to install makes it simple. It will pull-up all of the sites you have in The Hub, and you can install it directly from here and your WordPress dashboard.

Where you install integrated videos on individual sites in The Hub.
Simply click on the website that you’d like to install the video tutorials on.

Once installed, you can get a 360-degree overview of the dashboard. From here, you can view the most recently updated video, playlists, create new videos, and more.

The videos dashboard.
Quickly gain access to your videos from the dashboard.

You can see the total videos you have at the top of the dashboard, the date of the last uploaded video, your most recently updated video, your newly created custom video, and the latest playlist you created.

Top of the videos dashboard.
In this example, you can see there are 49 total videos available.

In the Video section, you can quickly access all of the 45+ videos that come with the plugin, create a custom video, edit the titles, and more.

Where you access videos.
Go to any video to quickly access it.

And finally, in the dashboard, the Playlists area lets you view and edit all of your playlists.

Where you access playlists.
Quickly view all your playlists by clicking on the ‘View All’ button.

It’s fast and easy to organize, access, create playlists and more — right from the dashboard.

2. our documentation. And keep tabs on what’s coming up next in our Roadmap.

Install the plugin to train and empower new WordPress users and start reducing your support costs today!

Source: premium.wpmudev.org