Thanks to Forminator and E2Pdf, you can now quickly and easily generate a PDF from a form in WordPress. This makes it as simple as ever when creating agreements, contracts, certificates, licenses, and more directly from a form on your WordPress site.

Plus — it’s free!

As you’ll see, when these two get together, they form a PDF-ect team.

To kick things off, watch Forminator and E2Pdf in action in the video below. Then, once you get a glimpse of how they work together,  we’ll break-down all the information in detail throughout this article.

As you can see, Forminator and E2Pdf can deliver some amazing PDFs as easily as ever.

You should already be familiar with Forminator. He’s our popular 5-star form building plugin that can create amazing forms, quizzes, polls, registration forms, and much more in just a few clicks.

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Forminator is the champ at simplifying form building.

And when it comes to PDFs, E2Pdf is another popular 5-star rated plugin that features PDF Document Viewer, PDF Document Editor, PDF Data Injector, and other awesome features.

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E2Pdf is ready to include PDFs with your WordPress quickly and easily.

You’ll see how the combined forces of Forminator and E2Pdf can allow your users to fill out a form on your WordPress site and have it become a PDF.

If you haven’t already, download Forminator and E2Pdf. Once you have them installed and activated, you’ll be ready to follow along as we create some PDFs directly from our WordPress form.

Now, let’s walk through how to create a PDF using three different methods that include:

  • Automatically Generating a PDF From a Form
  • Using a Premade PDF
  • Creating a PDF from the PDF Builder to Design a Template

Additionally, at the end of this post, there’s an opportunity to get a sweet discount for E2Pdf. Though it’s free to use, there are some upgrades you can make with WPMU DEV and E2Pdf’s partnership.

Ready to get your PDF on? Let’s get started.

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And now, you should have the perfect PDF solution for you and your users!