In this tutorial, we walk through how to display the records and fields in Advanced Custom Fields with a fun implementation of ACF: a favorite cats database on Sally’s Cat Blog. Some of her cats are available for adoption, so there are some dynamic links and buttons that are conditionally shown. We show you exactly how all of this is brought to life with Kadence Elements Templates.

0:00 Introduction
1:09 The Advanced Custom Fields set up we’re using
1:43 Kadence Pro: Make sure you toggle Hooked Elements on
2:01 Setting up a Kadence Elements Template
2:20 Elements Settings
2:32 Preview Setup: make sure you set up a model for your template
2:53 Placement and Display Settings to make sure this applies to our custom post type
3:37 Row Layout Block with a dynamic background
4:51 Dynamic Headline with Advanced Text Block and custom post title
5:15 Advanced Image Block with dynamic image and dynamic caption content
6:55 Dynamic HTML Block preserves our ACF wysiwyg-styled content
8:05 Conditional display of content using a Kadence Section Block
10:12 Using the Dynamic List Block for Select and Checkbox ACF data types
12:04 Looking at our published template
12:30 Conditional display of a button using a Kadence Advanced Button Block
15:48 Displaying custom post type archive using the Post/Grid Carousel Block

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