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Web Scraping with Python and BeautifulSoup

A Simple HTML Document Example <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Page Title</title></head><body><h1>My First Heading</h1><p>My first paragraph.</p> </body></html> Try it Yourself » Example Explained The <!DOCTYPE html> declaration defines this document to be HTML5 The <html> element is the root element of

Microsoft announces the end of the Germany Cloud

While bilateral agreements with the USA will be unavoidable as a result of the CLOUD Act, the Swiss multicloud provider n’ AG is positioning itself as a serious European alternative to the leading cloud providers.

How to Install Latest Roundcube Webmail on CentOS 7

Roundcube is a free and open source, fully-featured web-based multilingual IMAP webmail software, with an application-like user interface that is fully functional and customizable, and uses latest web standards. It is built using PHP and

The Latest Battleground for Chipmakers: Self-Driving Cars

It may be a long time before you can own a truly self-driving car. But chipmakers are placing bets that you will. On Tuesday, the Japanese chipmaker Renesas, the second-largest provider of semiconductors for the

Six and a Half Projects Bridging the Gap Between Art and Blockchain Technology

As topics of discussion go, the often disparate fields of art and technology rarely share the same breath, but at the cutting edge of the blockchain, the two have found a host of exciting new

Liberal Radicalism and Security Tokens: Quadratic Voting as a Governance Protocol

I discovered the idea of Radical Markets a few months ago through the brilliant talks of Microsoft Researcher Glen Weyl which are now captured in the book of the same title. Some of the concepts


Reducing Memory Footprint While Creating Archive in Django

Python built-in zip library is commonly used to create archive. However, there is a concern when creating zip files using built-in library. Consider the case which we are zipping files larger than our available memory,

Sending Emails with the SendGrid Cosmic Function

We recently released Cosmic Functions (public beta). We’re excited to help teams build amazing modern products together with new serverless solutions. In this short tutorial, I’m going to show you how to get up and

How Blockchain Can Reshape the Mortgage Industry

Learn more at When it was first developed by the military, the internet didn’t seem like it was going to become a staple of human existence in the way that it has. Not only

What are crypto exchanges and why do we need them?

The fundamental idea behind Bitcoin was to create a peer-to-peer system for money transfer, without any third parties involved. While Bitcoin managed technically solve that problem, the real world presented a number of other challenges:

2 Ways to Re-run Last Executed Commands in Linux

One of the greatest features of Bash is the command history, which stores all commands a user runs, in a history file within his/her home directory (typically /home/$USER/.bash_history). This allows the user to easily recall,

5 Constraints Currently Facing Blockchain Technology

Blockchain emerged as an exuberant financial opportunity with a price and speculation boom in late 2017 to early January 2018—mainly to due to overestimations of what the technology could do and what it needs solved.

Simple Recipe to Build a Theme App in React Native

Recently, I have been working on a React Native application that demands a changeable theme based on the user selection. I wanted to do this in a simplest way possible. I have so far avoided

3 Important Lessons that I Learnt from Developing an Android SDK

Like Uncle Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility… After developing Android apps for over 3 years now, I recently joined Mitter to lead the Android SDK development for the platform. The transition from

Stop Trying To Hustle Your Way To High Growth

Building successful products isn’t about hustle or luck?—?use science and empathy instead Tell me if this sounds familiar: You work hard to build your product, but somehow it feels like the success you dream of is

How to Validate a Crypto Trading Strategy

A use-case and walkthrough of how we used the Gatsiva API to evaluate a proposed trading strategy for 0x (ZRX). At Gatsiva, we’ve been applying machine learning to markets for over 15 years with equities,

Improvement Stories: a simple alternative to User Stories

Picture by gdsteam on Flickr (source) You are the Product Owner for a Scrum Team. Your team has just released a brilliant feature they have been working on for months: Change History. Change history allows to

HP’s New 3-D Printers Build Items Not of Plastic but of Steel

When you think about 3-D printing, chances are you think of little plastic doodads created by desktop devices like those made by MakerBot. Computing and printer giant HP wants you to think about metal. Today

How to perform SEO competitive analysis by example – Ultimate guide

View Comments We’ll go through a full SEO competitive analysis example so that you’ll know how to do yours If you’re starting a digital venture, launching a blog, or competitors outrank you in organic search

12 Practical Ping Command Examples for Linux Users

Ping is a simple, widely used, cross-platform networking utility for testing if a host is reachable on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. It works by sending a series of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) ECHO_REQUEST