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Why You Need a Physical Vault to Secure a Virtual Currency

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase stores its customers’ bitcoin offline, using an elaborate process that breaks apart encryption codes and stores them on paper.

How to Limit File Upload Size in Nginx

In our last article, we’ve explained about limiting user file upload size in Apache. In this article, we will explain how to limit user file upload size in Nginx. Restricting file upload size is...

How to Install Mod_GeoIP for Apache in RHEL and CentOS

Mod_GeoIP is an Apache module that can be used to get the geographic location of IP address of the visitor into the Apache web server. This module allows you to determine the visitor’s country,...

Change the date of a git commit

One of the greatest and worst things with git is that you can rewrite the history. Here’s a sneaky way of abusing that, I can’t think of a legitimate reason to do this. As with

Why Google Is a Perfect Target for Trump

A sentence-by-sentence breakdown of Trump’s recent tweets about the search giant reveal why Google is his most convenient target.

Reserve’s Analysis of the MakerDAO Protocol

Thanks to the MakerDAO team for their feedback on this post, and for their openness to constructive criticism! MakerDAO’s Dai has received the lion’s share of stablecoin coverage in recent months, with only Basis as

The relevance of Blochchain for Insurers – Enterprise Technologie & BC based Insurtech Innovations

In cooperation with the InsurTech-focused software service provider Widgetlabs, we have explored what blockchain means for insurers and what blockchain projects are getting noticed. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has become very popular and is being used

Top 5 Blockchain Use Cases in Pharma and Healthcare — that you should know about!

Real world Use Cases of Blockchain in Pharma and Healthcare The blockchain technology is well suited for use cases involving track-and-trace, product provenance and supply chain governance. The pharmaceutical industry is actively exploring the blockchain

Web3 Wallet with Ethnamed Protocol

Emails instead of hex-addresses and web3 interface for all cryptocurrencies We’re glad to announce the deployment of open-sourced Ethnamed, which includes a wallet plugin for Chrome, a protocol for storing data on blockchain, and a

Singleton Pattern — But don’t get too comfortable

Singleton pattern is definitely the easiest pattern of all the design patterns but trust me, many of us are doing wrong. So let’s find out more about this pattern. We all know the motivation of using

Install Glances, InfluxDB and Grafana to Monitor CentOS 7

Glances is a free open source, modern, cross-platform, real-time top and htop-like monitoring tool with advanced features. It can run in different modes: as a standalone, in client/server mode and in web server mode....

Alibaba Unveils PolarFS Distributed File System for Cloud Computing

This article is part of the Academic Alibaba series and is taken from the paper entitled “PolarFS: An Ultra-low Latency and Failure Resilient Distributed File System for Shared Storage Cloud Databases” by Wei Cao, Zhenjun

State of Africa VC investing in 2018

1. Upward funding trend In 2017, $560m was invested into African startups by VCs focused on African markets. It was a 53% increase compared to 2016, 2x the funding amount of 2015 and 14x the fundraise

Startup: Dream Discuss & Dissolve !

Startup has been the most discussed, most inspiring, most criticized still most revered phenomenon globally. For me the startup journey is An emotion in motion which goes through many painful experiences to make or break

Your Feedback Culture Isn’t Working

It wasn’t until later in my career that I had the great fortune of working for a company that truly embraced an “open feedback” culture. I had never worked for a company that encouraged and

Building your private NEO network on AWS (part 1)

Step 1: initiating an EC2 instance from AWS Log into your AWS account, click on Services > EC2 > Launch Instance choose the Amazon Linux 2 AMI Select the t2.micro (free! if this is your first

The Engine That Powers Winds For those of you who don’t know, Winds (the popular open-source RSS and Podcast application) is powered by Stream?—?a SaaS offering that is specifically dedicated to powering news and activity feeds. If you’d like

Y Combinator Learns Basic Income Is Not So Basic After All

More than two years after revealing plans to give people a guaranteed monthly income, the incubator now says it hopes to begin the study in 2019.

How to Setup Local HTTP Yum Repository on CentOS 7

A software repository (“repo” in short) is a central file storage location to keep and maintain software packages, from which users can retrieve packages and install on their computers. Repositories are often stored on...

Automated Customer Survey Analysis in Your Spreadsheet

The first step towards checking the pulse of your business is asking existing customers the right questions. Most enterprises get this right. It is what they have done with all this data that has made