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5 Promising Cryptocurrencies under $10 to invest in for 2018–2019

From Zero transaction fees to helping content creators. Can these cryptocurrencies perform well into 2019? The question of the “best” cryptocurrency to invest in over the next 2 years is not a simple one, there are

Optimizing a Portfolio of Cryptocurrencies with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Portfolio Optimization or the process of giving optimal weights to assets in a financial portfolio is a fundamental problem in Financial Engineering. There are many approaches one can follow?—?for passive investments the most common is

An Oral History of Apple’s Infinite Loop

Last month, Apple became the first company valued at a trillion dollars. With its new ring-shaped campus, all glass and curvy lines, it looks the part of a company bestriding an industry. But its dominance

10 Free Courses to Learn Docker for Programmers and DevOps Engineers

“stack of cargo trailer” by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash As the software development is moving towards automation, a good knowledge and experience about the Docker could be very valuable for your career, especially in 2018. The

A Simple Formula for Finding Altcoins with the Most Rebound Potential

What Comes Down Can Go Up Even Higher Money can’t buy you happiness. But right now, a little fiat can buy you some big, heavy bags of certain alts. Whether or not that makes you happy

Functional programming by example with Kotlin

In this article, I go through the base concepts of functional programming by showing the different steps of the refactoring of a method from imperative programming to functional. This article also permits to see where

Crypto already beats VISA’s transaction capacity

Cryptocurrencies have long surpassed the transaction capacity of every traditional payment system in the world. This might be considered a controversial statement in the current crypto market atmosphere, where bitter debates are raging on which

News — At The Edge — 9/15

Civilization is in the process of rebooted itself?—?robot prejudices, military AI & AI prediction errors, future war, digital dictators, political polarizations & 2008 redux?—?and this brave new world is fraught with both old and new


Thinking in React Part 1: Some love for JSX

Each framework makes it easy to solve certain problems, while others remain outside its reach. React is no exception. React works best when we understand the problems that it is designed to solve. This means

WPScan – A Black Box WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

WordPress is all over the web; it’s the most popular and most used content management system (CMS) out there. Is your website or blog is powered by WordPress? Did you know that malicious hackers are

Part 4: Cataloging — How To Install and Set Up Koha For Schools | Open School Solutions

After a long break, we continue today with the series “How to install and set up Koha for schools”. After the system has been installed, the bibliographic framework has been set up and basic settings

Facebook’s AI Can Analyze Memes, but Can It Understand Them?

Billions of text posts, photos, and videos are uploaded to social media every day, a firehose of information that’s impossible for human moderators to sift through comprehensively. And so companies like Facebook and YouTube have

The Unsocial Media Matrix

I find it kind of funnyI find it kind of sadWe live our lives onlineOften getting mad We listen to the newsDesigned to make you blueBut we can forgetAbout the Facebook flu Seeing all your

The ICO craze comes full circle; now it’s all about how to return funds to investors

You can follow me @FlatOutCrypto and find all of my work on announced today that they would be shutting down the company and returning assets to token holders. This is an important move,

Decent is proud to be a founding member of the Blockchain Association. Here’s why.

Decent’s the first healthcare project joining leaders like Coinbase and Digital Currency Group to help shape the future of crypto. Policy matters. We believe the greatest existential threat to crypto is uninformed and unsupportive regulation. From

Google-Funded Study Finds Cash Beats Typical Development Aid

Traditional international aid programs typically offer some combination of clean water, livestock, textbooks, and nutritional supplements. A new study funded by and the US Agency for International Development asks whether the poor would benefit

Machine learning — Is the emperor wearing clothes?

A behind-the-scenes look at how machine learning works Machine learning uses patterns in data to label things. Sounds magical? The core concepts are actually embarrassingly simple. I say “embarrassingly” because if someone made you think it’s

Building financial systems with Stellar — finally creating applications of real economic activity.

Let’s go back in time…it’s January 2018?—?after a very crypto-enthusiastic finish of 2017 we storm into the new year with high hopes. No matter how many moons some people flew to, we were all brought

Growing Pains: Scaling Decentralized Networks

Decentralization is a core principle of blockchain and was a significant part of the appeal to early Bitcoin adopters who were champions of the technology long before the price went stellar in 2017. However, the