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Tech Companies Deflect Blame for Opioid Crisis Ahead of FDA Summit

The tech and pharmaceutical industries are sparring over who bears more responsibility for an opioid crisis that kills more than 115 Americans a day.


Trump’s Trade War Won’t Hurt China. It Could Hurt US Tech

Proposed restrictions take aim at Chinese investments in the US that are declining anyway.

How to Enable NUX Dexktop Repository on RHEL/CentOS 7/6

Nux Dextop is a third-party RPM repository that contains multimedia and desktop packages for Enterprise Linux distributions such as RHEL, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Scientific Linux and more. It includes a number of graphical applications...


Apple News Tries to Avoid Facebook’s Mistakes With Midterm Elections Section

From now until November, every Apple News user in the US will see a curated section of stories about the midterm elections.


Red Hen, Trump, and the Weaponization of Yelp

Online reviews have become battlegrounds for political speech, for better or worse. It’s in the best interest of platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor to control it.


How Social Networks Set the Limits of What We Can Say Online

A researcher argues it’s time to take a new look at Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act—a 20-year-old law that shields internet platforms from liability for material posted by users.

Tuned – Automatic Performance Tuning of CentOS/RHEL Servers

To maximize the end-to-end performance of services, applications and databases on a server, system administrators usually carry out custom performance tunning, using various tools, both generic operating system tools as well as third-party tools....


Andreessen Horowitz Lends Credence to Crypto With New Fund

The high-profile venture capital firm hires its first female general partner, a former federal prosecutor, to manage the $300 million fund.


Using Library Science to Map the Child Separation Crisis

Scholars at Columbia University organized a six-day “crisis researchathon” to try to answer one question: Where are the children?


It’s Time You Learned About Quantum Computing

A researcher explains quantum computing in terms anyone can understand—even an 8-year-old.


Elon Musk’s OpenAI Takes on Pro Gamers in Dota 2—And Could Win

A five-bot team from Elon Musk’s OpenAI will compete against professional players of Dota 2, in a test of the powers of machine learning.

ngxtop – Monitor Nginx Log Files in Real Time in Linux

ngxtop is a free open source, simple, flexible, fully configurable and easy-to-use real-time top-like monitoring tool for nginx server. It gathers data by parsing the nginx access log (default location is always /var/log/nginx/access.log) and...

A simple introduction to Python’s asyncio

This is a no-buzzword first principles introduction to the asyncio library in Python. If you’ve come here, it is likely that you have heard of words such as asynchronous, concurrency and parallelism. Before we start off

“I’m Sorry I Tweeted About Politics” — 8 Rules To Stop Saying This

Case History: Airbnb The five stages of social media grief are rant, press send, deny, excuse, apologize. To save time, it might be best to just apologize first. Or we can stop doing dumb things on

How to Monitor MySQL/MariaDB Databases using Netdata on CentOS 7

Netdata is a free open source, simple and scalable, real-time system performance and health monitoring application for Unix-like systems such as Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS. It gathers various metrics and visualizes them, allowing you...


Another Failed Silicon Valley Exec Gets a Crypto Project

After mismanaging digital-payments company Clinkle, Lucas Duplan has resurfaced with a venture fund of his own.


A Plea for AI That Serves Humanity Instead of Replacing It

A new group formed by MIT’s Media Lab and IEEE thinks artificial intelligence should complement human endeavors, not just serve the corporate bottom line

How to Monitor Nginx Performance Using Netdata on CentOS 7

Netdata is a free open source, scalable, adaptive, customizable, extensible, and powerful real-time performance and health monitoring tool for Linux systems, which collects and visualizes metrics. It works on desktops, personal computers, servers, embedded...


YouTube Will Let Creators Sell Subscriptions, Merchandise, and More

The Alphabet-owned video giant is now offering creators merchandise deals, a $4.99 subscription service for fans, and more ways to monetize.

How to Remove Docker Images, Containers and Volumes

Docker is an open-source, powerful, secure, reliable and efficient container platform that enables realistic independence between applications and infrastructure. It is being widely adopted by IT and cloud companies out there, to easily to...