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Threaded Tasks in PySpark Jobs

There are circumstances when tasks (Spark action, e.g. save, count, etc) in a PySpark job can be spawned on separate threads. Doing so, optimizes distribution of tasks on executor cores. By default, Spark’s scheduler runs

Facebook Puts Its Stamp—and Name—on Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook has long allowed Instagram and WhatsApp to operate independently. Now, it’s “Instagram from Facebook.”

Notes from Startup School Week 1 Videos

For people who are busy. Notes from “How to Evaluate Startup Ideas Pt. 1” (-Kevin Hale) 1. A startup is a company that’s designed to grow. If not, you are building a small business. 2.

How to Install CentOS 7 Alongside Windows 10 Dual Boot

You’ve finally made the bold decision to make a switch from Windows 10 to CentOS 7, which is a cool decision by the way. You may have tried running CentOS 7 as a virtual...

The One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack

A ‘Cameroon Web’ reporter remains in a maximum-security prison, and a writer for ‘Kashmir Narrator’ will have been imprisoned for one year on August 27.

How to Install LAMP on Debian 10 Server

A “LAMP” stack is a collection of open-source software that is generally installed together to allow a system to deploy dynamic applications. This term is an acronym which describes the Linux operating system, Apache...

How a Bunch of Little Pitching Tweaks Helped This Founder Raise $4M For His Purchasing Software…

Serial entrepreneur Andrew Hoag had a huge frustration. At previous businesses he’d run, employee purchases were always a big struggle. Whenever one of his employees needed to buy something, he had to either hand over his credit

Alphabet’s AI Might Be Able to Predict Kidney Disease

In a study involving 700,000 VA patients, an algorithm from DeepMind predicted 90% of cases of acute kidney injury up to 48 hours before it occurred.

To End Student Debt, Tie Tuition to Post-Graduation Salaries

Opinion: If colleges only get paid when their graduates do, they’re incentivized to provide a service that actually gets students hired.

Data security through the prism of business risks

The place of data safety in business viability and reflects on how to enable security in digital product — discusses by me, Igor Piatnitskyi, VP, Business Development at Nullgravity. The digital transformation gave birth to a

Now Even Funerals Are Livestreamed—and Families Are Grateful

With friends and relatives dispersed, a growing number of funeral homes will stream services, and demand is increasing.

How to Install CentOS 7 in a USB Drive

Have you ever fancied a portable instance of a CentOS 7 installation in your USB pen drive? You probably might not have known it, but you can easily install CentOS 7 in a USB...

Would You Trust a Rideshare With Your Kids? This Uber Competitor is Making Rideshare Safer.

The headlines are grisly, and never seem to end. Riders get into an Uber or a Lyft and are suddenly met with violence, senseless tragedy, or predators. Stepping into a rideshare is more dangerous than

How I built a spreadsheet app with Python to make data science easier

Today I’m open sourcing “Grid studio”, a web-based spreadsheet application with full integration of the Python programming language. About a year ago I started tinkering with the idea of building the data science IDE that

The $26.5B T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Moves a Big Step Forward

The Justice Department approved the $26.5 billion deal, with conditions. But it still faces a lawsuit from 13 states and DC.

Amazon’s Revolutionary Retail Strategy? Recycling Old Ideas

Opinion: Amazon’s prevailing business strategy is to try everything—even what’s been done before—to reshape retail. Sound backward? It’s actually brilliant.

How to Install Angular CLI on Linux

Angular is an open-source, popular and highly-extensible front-end application development framework, used for building mobile and web applications using TypeScript/JavaScript and other common languages. Angular is an umbrella term for all Angular versions that...

What is a DAO?

The Spring of the DAOs Since the fall of The DAO in 2016, decentralized autonomous organizations have strayed from the spotlight. However, developments and experiments in this area never stopped. In 2019, support for DAOs has been

Apple Is Buying Intel’s Modem Unit to Control Its 5G Destiny

Apple said it is buying the Intel unit that makes smartphone modems. The deal allows the iPhone maker to further customize the components inside its devices.

Using AI, and Film, to Track Tear Gas Use Against Civilians

Oscar-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras teamed up with a London nonprofit developing machine learning tools to identify lethal weapons in online videos.