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How to Install Memcached (Caching Server) on CentOS 7

Memcached is an open source distributed memory object caching program that allows us to improve and speed up the performance of dynamic web applications by caching data and objects in Memory. Memcached is also used

List of Top Mainstream Companies that Dropped Support for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Image Credit: Pixabay Just when everyone thought it was just another distraction by the nerdy coders of this world and not to be taken seriously, the price of one bitcoin appreciated from just around $0.008 per

Facebook Takes On White Nationalism, Plus More in Tech News

Tech news you can use, in two minutes or less: Facebook moves against white nationalist content After months of grappling with its stance, Facebook has finally decided to ban white nationalist content on both Facebook

Will Facebook’s New Ban on White Nationalist Content Work?

In a move that’s months in the making, Facebook announced Wednesday that beginning next week, it will take down posts supporting both white nationalism and white separatism, including on Instagram. It’s an evolution for the

US Is Forcing a Chinese Firm to Sell Gay Dating App Grindr

The US government says a Chinese gaming company’s ownership of the gay dating app Grindr poses a national security risk, according to a report from Reuters. Beijing Kunlun Tech acquired a 60 percent stake in

Privacy: What You Need To Know

Here is how it works. Researcher and social psychologist, Dr. Cazzell (Stanford, Queensland, BYU, Yale), excellently described this in her Behavioral Economics article with the Game of Clue. Here is how it works: When you

The Godfathers of the AI Boom Win the Turing Award

In the late 1980s, Canadian master’s student Yoshua Bengio became captivated by an unfashionable idea. A handful of artificial intelligence researchers were trying to craft software that loosely mimicked how networks of neurons process data

Todo.txt – Manages Your Todo Tasks from Linux Terminal

Todo.txt (todo.txt-cli) is an easy and extensible shell script for managing your todo.txt file. It allows you to add todos, list added todos, mark an entry as done, appends text to existing lines, and remove

Memes Are in Danger, but This Chat App Is Saving Lives

Tech news you can use, in two minutes or less: The EU is a real meme killer The European Parliament passed a directive to overhaul copyright law, making companies like Google and Facebook responsible for

Journalism Apocalypse and Tech trends with Christina Warren of Microsoft

Episode 32 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with Christina Warren, former journalist at Mashable and Gizmodo, who currently works for Microsoft. Listen to the interview on iTunes, or Google Podcast, or watch on YouTube.


Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Be Bad for Memes

You may soon see fewer memes online, especially if you live in the European Union. On Tuesday, the European Parliament passed a directive to overhaul copyright law in the European Union and put more pressure

State Controlled Internet: The Story About VPNs in China

Censorship is closely related to politics. The annual global ranking of Internet freedom clearly illustrates this dependence. States that violate human rights also block undesirable websites or block access to the global network. Only 13

How to Install Adobe Flash Player 32 on Fedora Linux

Adobe Flash is a web browser plug-in used to display interactive web pages, online games, and to playback video and audio content. Flash displays text, vector graphics and raster graphics to provide animations, video games,

Apple Enters the Credit Card Market With—Yep—Apple Card

Apple’s event Monday ended up featuring one piece of hardware after all: a new credit card, which it plans to launch this summer in the US. The aptly named Apple Card, created in partnership with


The 5 Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers for 2019 (Reliable + fast)

View Comments Speed may be everything online but reliability comes a close second. If you are planning to launch or move an eCommerce store using the pre-eminent WooCommerce, wouldn’t it be advisable to use hosting

When a small piece of my code predicted the fate of US Presidential Elections.

The Problem Statement I decided to collect twitter data, and use it to conclude what the people are talking about. So, this was a three-step process – Collect the data (tweets) from Twitter regarding the

How to Install and Switch Desktop Environments in Fedora

Do you want to use or try a different desktop environment in Fedora Workstation spin, other than the default, GNOME 3. In this article, we will show how to install and switch desktop environments in

What is IEO Initial Exchange Offering? Is this the new phenomenon in Crypto Capital?

Initial Exchange Offering 2017 & 2018 being the year of ICO, has come up with huge benefits in the crypto industry. But the truth is people have started pacing towards a new strategy named as Initial

Rationales Behind Multi-Token Business Ecosystem (MTBE) for Blockchain Startups

Image Credit: Pixabay The dopamine rush which likely hits the brains of intending founders of startups within the blockchain space at the thought of owning their own company solely powered by its utility token is ludicrous.

Binance, HitBTC, etc., Market Maker Pitch: How To Get Rich Online

Cheap VPS press ‘all’ after about 15s Case in Point Imagine this hourly graph without the steep drops from paying fees on the green (buy) lines: As a follow-up to this: ** ask