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Stop Using Gimmicks For Your Cold Emails

Image Source Why Is (Proper) Cold Emailing Important? Cold emailing is the practice of emailing a person that doesn’t know who you are, to achieve some sort of goal. When done correctly, cold emails can

Facebook and Six4Three’s Bikini App Lawsuit Is Getting Ugly

It’s an international he said, he said showdown where somehow every party looks bad.

Against Security Token Standards

Recently I was speaking about the future of security tokens at a blockchain conference in Europe. During one of the satellite receptions to the event, I was approached by a prominent figure in the crypto

CFTC Issues Smart Contracts Primer And Swiss Crypto ETP Beats Gold, Crude Oil, And Silver

The market is in green for the second consecutive day, with Bitcoin posting its biggest 24-hour gains in 7 months. Bitcoin closed at $4,257 yesterday, gaining 11.43%. This is the biggest single-day gain since April

iPad pro for web developers

If you are reading this, you might know that Apple announced its new iPad Pro. This new iPad shows enhanced performance and capacity, making it the fastest iPad to date. Some claim this is the

How to Access a Remote Server Using a Jump Host

A jump host (also known as a jump server) is an intermediary host or an SSH gateway to a remote network, through which a connection can be made to another host in a dissimilar...

The refreshed 2019 Nissan Maxima gets a bolder look outside and in – Roadshow

A reshaped grille and fascia headline the updates to Nissan’s sedan.

Bay Area’s Zuckerberg Hospital may be getting a name change – CNET

A San Francisco politician wants the Facebook CEO’s name removed from the hospital following recent scandals.

Are STOs All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

Imagine being able to own .1% of a Picasso or a fourth of an Uber cab that you split with three of your friends. Currently, such things would be burdensome at best or just nearly impossible.

Amazon Wants You to Code the AI Brain for This Little Car

Inspired by do-it-yourselfers, Amazon is offering a radio controlled car that learns to drive by repeated trial and error.

Another Net Neutrality Day of Action Draws Fewer Big Names

Etsy and Tumblr will prod users to call legislators ahead of a Dec. 10 deadline for Congress to restore net neutrality protections.

Installation of “RHEL 8” Beta with Screenshots

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 beta version has been released which provides an early access to what RHEL 8 will bring. The new release of RHEL is based on Fedora 28 and the upstream...

Replacing Parts of a String

Every developer needs to know how to work with strings in the language they are using. The Go libraries makes replacing parts of strings easy for a developer. I will show three solutions for replacing

iPhones, Samsung and OnePlus devices coming to Google Fi, says report – CNET

Google’s wireless service plan may be expanding its small roster of compatible phones.

Everything You Should Know About Facebook’s UK Privacy Drama

Lawmakers from nine countries grilled Facebook on Tuesday using a cache of sealed documents that had been seized in London last week.


How Bookly and an online booking system boosts your bottom line

Bookly online appointment system

Do you run the business which sells services and your website is powered by WordPress? If the answer is yes, then you should consider installing WordPress Appointment plugin to automate appointment scheduling and reservation process. Bookly, a product which we will be reviewing today, is an online booking system for your website which can help your business achieve its goals of automating and improving the reservations process.

The reasons for using this are typically self-evident, but this episode is something we like to share. One of the people we’ve worked is saving at least 300 hours of work time, besides boosting their conversion ratio to more than 21%. A few months later and they switched their whole modus operandi to work around online appointment bookings. 

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How to Create Multiple User Accounts in Linux

The two utilities for adding or creating user accounts in Unix/Linux systems are adduser and useradd. These commands are designed to add a single user account in the system at a time. What if...

Cyber Monday 2018 phone deals: Free OnePlus 6T LG V40 BOGO, free LG TV, $200 Palm – CNET

Plus, buy an Essential Phone for a discounted $329, get earphones and a 360 camera for free.

Best Cyber Monday 2018 phone and wearable deals – CNET

Cyber Monday is often the best time during the year to buy a phone. Check out the best savings we found for the latest iPhones, Galaxy phones, Pixel phones, Fitbits and more.

Samsung’s foldable phone is here, with a brand-new Android UI – CNET

A totally new phone design needs a totally fresh interface.