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One SIMPLE Way To Be A BETTER Programmer

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. The “one simple way” is nothing but “overcoming” the “delusion of creating future-ready code” which inevitably kills every developer sooner or later. Overcoming this

First do no harm: 30 Principles that helped me avoid Fly-by Architecture Reviews

Imagine a fly-by architecture review. An architect walks in, looks over, glosses over, though his binoculars. He provide comments that are often too generic or out of context. Comments are often met with deafening silence

Top 10 Reputable Blockchain Development Companies

Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the most promising services in the recent years. It holds tremendous potential to transform the workings of the financial sector. Living in a highly digitalized world, a range

10 Most Trusted Web Development Companies of 2018 in USA

Websites represent the face value of your business. It plays a significant role in helping your audience know, what you do and get detailed information about your products and services. Whether you are running a

Is Ukraine The Best Outsourcing Web Development Country For Your Project?

Today I would like to take you on a journey through the Ukrainian IT landscape. We will discuss one of the biggest questions every startup faces: whether freelance developers are better than a web development

Strategies to Implement in a Data Center Disaster for iCloud Recovery

Photo by antas singh from Pexels Do you know that in the current information economy, data is the fuel which keeps the engines running? This fuel comes expensive as according to Gartner, an average enterprise suffers

AI intervenes to bring down suicide rates

While a reliable method to accurately identify suicidal patients is missing from medical literature, researchers are continually striving for AI-solutions to predict and prevent suicidal attempts. Suicide is cited as the 10th leading cause of

Create a Spotify Like Music Streaming App & Website That Actually Doubles Your Revenue

Build Music Streaming App like Spotify “The total Global revenue of “Music Streaming” segment values to US $11,439m in 2018 and expected to arise around US $14,786m by 2022” No wonder why the music streaming industry

How to Install Laravel PHP Web Framework in CentOS

Laravel is a free open source, powerful PHP framework with an expressive and appealing syntax. It has a refined, simple, and readable syntax for developing modern, robust and powerful applications from the ground up....

Getting a Free SSL Certificate on AWS a How-To Guide

AWS gives you a FREE SSL certificate if you use their load balancer (yes you do have to pay for the load balancer but its pretty cheap and in then end is something your site

Getting the Most Out of Your Data

Your data is very valuable, that’s why you should have ownership and full control over it. How much is your personal data worth? It’s hard to say. A 2013 article in the Financial Times pegged that

The Office-Messaging Wars Are Over. Slack Has Won.

As Atlassian transfers the intellectual property for Stride and HipChat to former rival Slack, Microsoft trails far behind as the last workplace messaging competitor.

How to Install and Manage Virtual Machines and Containers

Virtualization and containers are hot topics in today’s IT industry. In this article we will list the necessary tools to manage and configure both in Linux systems. For many decades, virtualization has helped IT...

Perlin — Real tech behind all the FUD

Perlin Network is a DAG based distributed ledger built on top of the Avalanche consensus protocol. The first application of Perlin is a decentralized compute layer that provides computing resources to anyone in need of

Trump’s “Shadow Banning” Tweet Isn’t Twitter’s Biggest Problem

Accusations of partisan bias come at an inconvenient moment for Twitter, which is trying to clean up its platform and avoid the mistakes of other tech companies.

Different US Election Maps Tell ‘Different Versions of the Truth’

Self-proclaimed “cartonerd” Ken Field published a gallery of alternative election maps designed to reveal markedly different stories about the US.

Airbnb’s Slow-Moving Mission to Win Over African Americans

One year in, Airbnb’s mission to expand service in black neighborhoods through a partnership NAACP, still holds tremendous potential—but it’s just getting started

3 Marketing Skills Every Game Developer Needs for Success

In the final moments before launching a new video game, usually the last thing on your mind is marketing. But the truth is, it should be the first. In my experience, without marketing, or growth

WIRED25: How to Join WIRED’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Our four-day celebration in San Francisco is going to feature some of the biggest names in tech, from Apple’s Jony Ive to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

Facebook Just Learned the True Cost of Fixing Its Problems

Facebook shares fell 20 percent after it said revenue growth would slow and it would spend additional billions per year to tackle fake news and other concerns.