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How to Install and Setup Zsh (Z Shell) in Fedora

Zsh (short for Z Shell) is a feature-rich and powerful shell program for Unix-like operating systems with lots of interactive features. It is an extended version of the Bourne Shell (sh), with a large...

Load Testing Web Servers with Siege Benchmarking Tool

Knowing how much traffic your web server can handle when under stress is essential for planning future grow of your website or application. By using tool called siege, you can run a load test...

2019 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock is an old spin on an old truck – Roadshow

The two don’t have much in common, though, aside from the use of “Warlock.”

The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Is Scrambling Telecom Politics

Democrats have often opposed telecom mergers, but some prominent Democrats support T-Mobile’s proposed acquisition of Sprint.

Hexagonal Architecture with Kotlin, Ktor and Guice

Module Layout Module diagram auto-generated by IntelliJ Our ports and adapters implementation has four modules: App, Domain, Ports, Adapters. Both ‘Domain’ and ‘Adapters’ depend on ‘Ports’. ‘Domain’ and ‘Adapters’ cannot see each other. ‘App’ can see

Streama – Create Your Own Personal “Netflix” in Linux

Streama is a free self hosted media streaming server running on Java, that you can install on your Linux distribution. Its features are similar to those of Kodi and Plex and it is simply...

NASA Opportunity rover witnessed the wild side of Mars – CNET

See what the rover saw. In 15 years on Mars, Oppy caught sight of meteorites, “blueberries,” a “jelly doughnut” and other exotic rock formations.

The Pentagon Doubles Down on AI–and Wants Help from Big Tech

A new Defense Department strategy calls for rapid adoption of AI across the military, and Google, Oracle, IBM, and SAP have signaled interest in a partnership.

An Overview of MakerDAO

This piece provides an overview MakerDAO including how it functions and what long-term potential it may have. Source What is MakerDAO? MakerDAO, also known as Maker, is a crypto-collateralized stablecoin that uses a two-token system

8 Best Linux Console File Managers

Linux console file managers can be very helpful in a day to day tasks, when managing files on a local machine or when connected to a remote one. The visual console representation of the...

The Pixel 4 might have improved dual-SIM capabilities – CNET

The upcoming Pixel may allow you to have two active lines in one device, similar to the new iPhones.

Intelligent Investing In the Blockchain Space with Tomer Federman

Listen to the interview on iTunes, or Google Podcast, or watch on YouTube. In this episode Trent Lapinski and Tomer Federman discuss why he left Facebook to start his own crypto and blockchain investment fund. “I

Google and Microsoft Warn That AI May Do Dumb Things

Google and Microsoft have added warnings to their “risk factors” for investors about potential legal and ethical problems from their artificial intelligence projects.

MultiCD – Create a MultiBoot Linux Live USB

Having a single CD or USB drive with multiple available operating systems, for install, can be extremely useful in all kind of scenarios. Either for quickly testing or debugging something or simply reinstalling the...

Best Grammys 2019 performances ranked: Cardi B, Post Malone, Lady Gaga and more – CNET

Alicia Keys played two pianos at one time, Cardi B saluted Wakanda forever and Kasey Musgraves made everything all right.

Most Productive Keyboard Shortcuts to Master in 2019

We often find ourselves switching our hands between our mouse or a trackpad and our keyboard. This becomes quite cumbersome to handle if you are a programmer like me or if you spend most of

Key To Success: Self-Discipline

Focus on Identity To put it simply, when you’re trying to change your behaviour, forget about the goal you’re trying to achieve, the external outcome, and instead focus on the change in identity you want to

Galaxy S10 photo leak shows Samsung wireless Galaxy Buds – CNET

Rumors suggest that these new earbuds can be charged wirelessly by upcoming Galaxy phones.

How WIRED Covered Facebook These Past 15 Years

As the company morphed from an exclusive platform for co-eds to one of the biggest, most powerful platforms in the world, our writers chronicled it all.

How to Configure Software Repositories in Fedora

Your Fedora distribution obtains its software from repositories and each of these repositories comes with number of free and proprietary software applications available for you to install. The official Fedora repositories have thousands of...