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Setup Local Repositories with ‘apt-mirror’ in Ubuntu and Debian Systems

When today traffic and casual internet speeds is measured in teens of Giga over an eye blink even for ordinary Internet clients, what’s the purpose of setting a local repository cache on LAN’s you may

Installing GUI (Cinnamon Desktop) and Basic Softwares in Arch Linux

The previous Arch Linux topic, just covered the basic installation from scratch, with minimal configurations through command line needed to boot the system and access internet for future configurations. But, just running an Operating System

Install WordPress 4.7 using Nginx in Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint

NGINX (pronounced engine-x) is an Open Source powerful, light and flexible HTTP server that has increased in popularity on last years and now is the main server interface that powers some of the most huge-traffic

FlareGet 3.2.42 Released: A Full Featured Popular Download Manager for Linux

FlareGet 3.1, is a one of the most popular full featured, advanced, multi-threaded and multi-segment file download manager for Linux. There are tons of open source download managers available on the internet like Uget, and

SuperTuxKart: An Old Racing Game Gets A New Graphical Engine – Install on Linux

SuperTuxKart is a really nice free 3D racing game where you choose your character between many different cute karts and drive through many tracks. The game has been improved during the years, offering the player

Installing Pydio File Sharing Platform on Zentyal 3.4 Webserver – Part 11

Through this series of Zentyal 3.4 PDC tutorials we had setup services for file sharing like Samba and FTP, services that have their ups and downs ( Samba uses broadcasts, is designed for LAN and

Enabling UserDir and Password Protect Web Directories on Zentyal Webserver – Part 10

On a multiple user environment like a Zentyal PDC Active Directory running a webserver can be of great help, if you want to allow each user to have their personal webpage which can be hosted


Install and Configure Web Services (Apache Virtual Hosting) on Zentyal Server – Part 9

The scope of this tutorial is to demonstrate how Zentyal 3.4 Server can be used as a Web Platform with multiple websites (subdomains) using Apache Virtual Hosts. Zentyal 3.4 uses Apache (also known as httpd


5 Best Command Line Archive Tools for Linux – Part 1

In our day-to-day life we come across, archived files on the platforms of all kind be it Windows, Mac or Linux. There are several Application program available for all of the platforms to create archive


Scrot: A Command Line Tool to Take Desktop/Server Screenshots Automatically in Linux

Scrot (SCReenshOT) is an open source, powerful and flexible, command line utility for taking screen shots of your Desktop, Terminal or a Specific Window manually or automatically by Cron job. Scrot is similar to Linux


linux-dash: Monitors “Linux Server Performance” Remotely Using Web Browser

If you are looking for a low resource, speedy server statistics monitoring script, look no further than linux-dash. Linux Dash’s claim to popular is its slick and responsive web dashboard that works better on large


20 Command Line Tools to Monitor Linux Performance

It’s really very tough job for every System or Network administrator to monitor and debug Linux System Performance problems every day. After being a Linux Administrator for 5 years in IT industry, I came to


LUKS: Linux Hard Disk Data Encryption with NTFS Support in Linux

LUKS acronym stands for Linux Unified Key Setup which is a widely method of disk-encryption used by Linux Kernel and is implemented with the cryptsetup package. The cryptsetup command line encrypts a volume disk on


Installing FTP Server and Mapping FTP Directories in Zentyal PDC – Part 8

Samba shares are a excellent choice for enabling users with extra storage on Zentyal Server but SMB ( Server Message Block) protocol is designed to run on local network over TCP/IP protocol stack and NetBIOS.


Working with Arrays in Linux Shell Scripting – Part 8

We cannot imagine a programming language without the concept of arrays. It doesn’t matter how they are implemented among various languages. Instead arrays help us in consolidating data, similar or different, under one symbolic name.


Integrate Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) to Zentyal PDC (Primary Domain Controller) – Part 7

From my previous post about integrating Ubuntu 13.10 to Zentyal PDC Active Directory things have changed for some software packages once the release of Ubuntu 14.04, codename Trusty Tahr, and seems like Ubuntu developers had


MySQLDumper: A PHP and Perl Based MySQL Database Backup Tool

MySQL is one of the most popular database in the world. This database can be installed on the Microsoft Windows platform besides of Linux platform. Why this database is so popular? It may caused by


Ubuntu 14.04 Server Installation Guide and Setup LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

With the release of all Ubuntu 14.04 flavors on April 17 2014 including Ubuntu for Phone and Tablet products, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, had also released Server, Cloud and Server Core Editions with a


Secure Files/Directories using ACLs (Access Control Lists) in Linux

As a System Admin, our first priority will be to protect and secure data from unauthorized access. We all are aware of the permissions that we set using some helpful Linux commands like chmod, chown,


Nmon: Analyze and Monitor Linux System Performance

If you are looking for a very easy to use performance monitoring tool for Linux, I highly recommend to install and use the Nmon command-line utility. Nmon Monitoring Tool Nmon is a system’s administrator tuner,