Hosting guide: how to pick the right host for your site

a list of WordPress hosting companies that get the Yoast seal of approval.


Now you know all the basics about hosting companies, hosting plans, and the different types of hosting. Still, it’s good to take into account what factors are important for you before you choose a hosting company and plan. Because your site’s hosting can impact things like site speed and the amount of content you can have on your site. 

If you want more information about hosting, we recommend checking out our Technical SEO course. The course dives into things to consider when picking a host, as well as practical tips on how to make your site easy to find by search engines. And much more!


After reading this post, I realized that I might need a better host. Is it possible to switch hosts?

It’s possible, but it’s going to depend on your setup and where you’re moving to. Luckily, most hosts offer great support. Typically, they’ll guide you through all the processes you need to go through. These processes are, for example, moving your files, your database, and maybe some configuration info.

When you’re choosing your host, it’s maybe worth getting in touch with their support to see what kinds of services they offer, and how much they’ll be able to help you through that.

Okay, but there are many hosting options out there. Is there a tool that can let me insert my data and help me choose?

Oh, that’s tricky! There are lots of tools on the internet to help you pick hosting, but it’s a bit of a minefield. We recommend checking out There, we recommend a whole bunch of companies.

But really, do your own research! Get a feel for what your budget is, what kind of features you might need, and talk to the support people. A lot of these companies and websites also have live chat.

I’m just starting out with my site and I don’t know how many visits I’ll get. I’m hoping for a lot of course, but I might get only a few. So, when picking a host, what should I look for bandwidth-wise?

It’s good that you’re thinking about bandwidth beforehand, but don’t let it dictate your choice. Instead, research how much different hosting companies charge for their different packages, and how the prices change as you need to scale. Maybe you can start off small, and upgrade later. Again, shop around, look at pricing and packages, and talk to support people.

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