Heroic Insider – November 2020

Documenting your business processes and procedures helps you draw from your hard-earned knowledge that came with endless hours of “figuring stuff out.”

Naturally, when you know what you know, you can do more work (better and faster).

Today’s resources help you document all the knowledge you already have about your business’s workings, so your team can spend time and effort where it matters, not in relearning things.

From Our Blog

How to Write Thorough Step-By-Step Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standardize work across your business with SOPs and get everything done right in the first go (that too quickly and with minimal effort and direction).

How to Document Your Processes the Right Way

Empower your team with “baseline” instructions on how to do everything, right from making a hire to resolving a ticket.

On Providing Customer Support and Developing Support Content

Transforming your Standard Operating Procedures into a Powerful, Sustainable, Business Improvement System

Documenting standard processes doesn’t only translate to improved productivity; it means more PROFITS too.

The Process Audit

Not sure if your process is good enough to be documented? Get sure by running it through this process maturity model. P-1 is a good level to start with.

WordPress News

Gutenberg 9.2 is Here

Gutenberg 9.2 brings many cool features like support for video subtitles, better control over designing multi-column layouts, and a spotlight writing mode, among dozens of enhancements and bug fixes.

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