Go Dev Webinar Summit – How to Save Your Spot


Could front end development be the right path for you?

The short answer: definitively YES. Resoundingly YES. Yes yes yes yes and yes.

(Which is why I’ve decided to host an entire webinar summit all about it!)

How can I be so sure? Because when it comes to the Web, front end development is always a good skill to have.

Here at Skillcrush our mission is simple: to empower our students with the skills they need to enter high-earning and flexible careers.

Specifically, we like teaching web skills because web development jobs have a low barrier to entry and the demand for web developers of all stripes is growing, fast. Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics agrees: it has called out Web Developers for being a fast growing and high earning occupation that doesn’t require a college degree.

So what does this all have to do with front end development? I’ll tell you!

Front end development encompasses all the skills that are required to make websites: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Whereas it’s possible to create a website without design (granted it won’t look good, but hey, you can do it!) and without backend development (it won’t be super complex, but hey, you can do it!), there’s no making a website without front end development.

Front end development = making websites.

Which means that no matter what you end up focusing on when it comes to tech skills, having at least a foundational knowledge of how to build a website is a must-have skill.

Which means that learning front end development is functionally a requirement for anyone interested in working on the Web.

Have I convinced you?

In that spirit, I am incredibly excited to announce that we’re hosting a full-day webinar summit to talk about what front end development is all about, the latest trends in front end development, and how you can use front end development skills to launch yourself into a new career, both freelance AND full-time.

On Wednesday, June 29th, at the Go Dev Webinar Summit, you’ll hear from 5 professional developers who will be talking specifically about how they are currently making a career out of front end development and how you can too.



Wednesday, June 29th

Adda Birnir

12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT

What Makes Front End Development one of the Hottest and Fastest Growing Fields in Tech
Adda Birnir, CEO & Founder of Skillcrush

Adda (that’s me!) is the founder and CEO of Skillcrush and a self-taught developer. I’m going to share exactly why I recommend that code newbies learn front end development skills and why front end development is one of the most exciting areas of tech. I’ll talk jobs, hot trends, and how you can break into tech using front end development. Plus, I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of our Front End Developer Blueprint.

Rushaine McBean

1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT

What You Really Need to Know to Get Hired as a Developer (from a Computer Science Grad)
Rushaine McBean, Web Developer

Beginners in tech always want to know: Do I need a computer science degree to make it in tech? Rushaine is a CS grad herself, and she’s going to share what it takes to become a developer and what she’s learned working for powerhouse companies like WNYC Radio, Flatiron School, and Levo League. She’ll walk you through what a day in the life as a developer is really like.

Laura Davila

3:00pm ET / 12:00 pm PT

Why All the Best Developers Are in Constant Student Mode
Laura Dávila, Front End Developer at Whole Foods

Laura is a front end developer at Whole Foods in Austin, TX, and she spends her time after hours doing illustration and graphic design for awesome orgs like The Austin Film Festival. She’s going to talk about being a creative who codes, share her best advice for freelancing with a full-time job, and tell you why she’s always in “constant student mode.”

Sara Regan

4:30pm ET / 1:30pm PT

Why You Should be Proud to be a “Junior” Developer, and How to Get Started
Sara Regan, Web Developer at Marley Spoon

Sara is a Skillcrush alum, a former Skillcrush instructor, and a web developer at the meal subscription company, Marley Spoon. She’s going to share her journey from learning to code to getting hired full-time, plus tell you why she founded Juniors Are Awesome to support beginners in tech.

Sarah Greer

6:00pm ET / 3:00pm PT

How to Launch a Thriving Freelance Business Building Websites…When There’s Never Enough Time
Sarah Greer, Front End Developer at Code Greer

Sarah is a front end developer with a growing web development company, and—did I mention—she simultaneously homeschools 4 kids. She’ll share her path to becoming a developer and building a freelance business (hint: she’s also a Skillcrush alum!) and tell you why she takes on new projects outside of her comfort zone.


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