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The gcloud command-line tool’s primary function is to create and manage Google Cloud resources. In this episode of Serverless Expeditions, we show you some useful tips and tricks when it comes to working with the gcloud command-line tool. From preventing prompts to testing with authenticated HTTP requests, this video covers six helpful tricks that you can apply to your developer projects.

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Tip #1: get help with command-line flags
1:35 – Tip #2: set default parameters
3:35 – Tip #3: get and set default project
5:38 – Tip #4: check if a project has billing enabled
6:38 – Tip #5: use curl to access non-public Cloud Run services
8:25 – Tip #6: find a project number from a project id, and vice versa

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