Fusion of Organic & Modern in Branding and Visual Identity

Dive into MORI’s branding and visual identity, blending organic forms with modern Swiss-style compositions—a captivating design story.

Jaros?aw Dziubek’s design for MORI’s branding and visual identity serves as a striking demonstration of contemporary design ethos. This project merges two seemingly disparate elements—organic and modern—to create a captivating visual narrative.

At the forefront, the typography commands attention. Its bold, block style is reminiscent of high-impact fonts, but it’s the logo that truly captivates. The MORI logotype is a conundrum in itself. At first glance, it appears as an amalgamation of organic trails, resembling a pattern one might observe in growing fungi or flora. This intricate design weaves the word “MORI” within its structure, a subtle nod to the brand’s essence.

Swiss design principles are evident throughout, especially in the meticulous grid compositions and typography. The reverence for precision and alignment is clear, offering viewers a harmonious and structured visual experience. This Swiss inspiration, juxtaposed with the logo’s organic forms, encapsulates the dual nature of MORI’s business: a producer of both oysters and mushrooms.

The logo’s design does more than just represent the brand—it narrates a story. It expands, much like a mushroom, subtly hinting at MORI’s line of business. It’s an ingenious way of aligning visual elements with brand identity, ensuring that the logo remains not just a mark but a reflection of MORI’s ethos.

Finally, the supplementary materials deserve mention. The printed items, primarily in a refined black and white palette, exude elegance. Of particular note is the packaging design. A box that boldly features the logotype in a vertical orientation. It’s a design choice that stands out, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to innovation and distinction.

In summation, MORI’s branding and visual identity, crafted by Jaros?aw Dziubek, offers a masterclass in blending organic elements with modern design principles. It’s a testament to the power of design in shaping a brand’s story.

Branding and visual identity artifacts 

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