We’re proud to announce the release of our latest ebook, Five Reasons to Switch to Software for Load Balancing, by Floyd Smith. Download your copy now.

Hardware?based application delivery controllers (ADCs) have been around for two decades. ADCs revolutionized the way we deliver applications in the early 2000s. But now, as the industry has moved overwhelmingly to software?defined infrastructure and deployment tools, ADCs have become high?cost, potentially antiquated devices.

Today, the companies operating most effectively at web scale use a completely software?based stack that hardware ADCs do not fit into. These companies are increasingly looking to software application delivery tools such as NGINX Plus to cut costs, increase performance, and achieve far greater flexibility and control.

We recently published a widely read price?performance comparison that documents the tremendous cost savings and additional flexibility that come from choosing software vs. hardware ADCs. The new ebook expands on that report, exploring five critical reasons why IT executives, network and operations professionals, and application developers should move from hardware ADCs to software solutions, including:

  • Dramatically reduce costs – More than 75% less when compared to F5 BIG?IP offerings and more than 72% less when compared to Citrix NetScaler products.
  • Move to DevOps – Rapid deployment and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) require fully automatable, software?based application delivery.
  • Deploy everywhere – The same software for bare metal, cloud, containers, and more. NGINX Plus makes deployment flexible and easy.
  • Rapid response – No waiting for special hardware, installation, and configuration. Scale up, scale out, and respond to customer demands in real time.
  • No contractual constraints – Get the performance you pay for, without artificial performance caps or hefty fees for traffic increases.

This ebook will help you attain the benefits of moving from hardware ADC dependence to software?based freedom. To learn more, and to decide for yourself, get your free copy of the ebook today.