Learn about event-driven architecture by building a real-world project using FastAPI, React, and Redis.

An event driven system is a common way to setup software. In event-driven architecture, event-handlers are registered for specific events. When an event occurs, the handlers are invoked.

ð??» Frontend code: https://github.com/scalablescripts/react-event-driven
ð??» Backend code: https://github.com/scalablescripts/fast-api-event-driven

�️ Antonio from Scaleable Scripts created this course. Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkPUBx_WtK8

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
�️ (0:00:00) Intro
�️ (0:04:30) Redis Database
�️ (0:07:06) FastAPI Setup
�️ (0:13:02) Create Delivery Endpoint
�️ (0:19:39) Building the State
�️ (0:24:34) State Endpoint
�️ (0:29:29) Dispatching Multiple Events
�️ (0:54:26) Building the State without Redis
�️ (1:04:33) Building the Frontend

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