You don’t need to throw out all your digital devices to reclaim some privacy in the digital age. There are small choices you can make about which products you use that go a LONG way to giving you back control over your data and carving out a private space on the internet. I first gave this presentation at Liberty Forum 2022.

00:00 Why Privacy is Important
08:43 Extreme Privacy Resources
09:39 How your data is collected
13:02 Privacy Tools we’ll cover
13:24 Browsers
24:00 Search Engines
29:42 VPNs
35:19 Email
38:02 Private Messaging
40:29 Final Thoughts

NOTE: In my presentation I recommend DuckDuckGo, but I added a note on screen that says a week after I gave this presentation they started to filter content, so I no longer recommend them, and I recommend Brave search engine instead.

First recorded at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, 2022
Huge thank you to the Free State Project for inviting me to speak!
Filming credit: Goulash Films —

Book mentioned:
Extreme Privacy – Michael Bazzel (the best privacy book I’ve ever read)

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Here are a bunch of products I like and use. Using these links helps support the channel and future videos!

Recommended Books:

Permanent Record – Edward Snowden

No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State – Glenn Greenwald

What has the government done to our money – Rothbard

Naomi’s Privacy Bag: some of my favorite products to help protect your privacy!

Use the Brave browser!

USB-C to ethernet adapter:

Lightening to ethernet adapter:

Faraday bag (signal stopping, to protect your fob, credit card, computer, and phone)

Data Blocker (if you’re charging your phone in an unknown port, use this so that no data is transferred)

Computer privacy screen (use your computer in public? Keep your information safe! Choose the size right for your computer)

Phone privacy screen (don’t let people in public see your private data, choose the size for your phone)

Camera cover (for computers and phones, so no one can access your camera without you knowing)

Privacy Tip: Turn off your wifi and bluetooth when you’re not using them!!! (or don’t use them at all)