Episode 19: What Makes Someone a WordPress Developer

With the era of new no-code tools including those found in the Kadence suite of solutions, we discuss the question of what makes someone a WordPress developer. We also talk about some ways to get started in WordPress, how to set yourself up for success, and ways to stick with problems in order to really solidify your learning. We also talk about the Kadence Power User Course and the upcoming teardown event with The Good on Nov 10th. Ben, Hannah, and Kathy also share some of their thoughts on productivity techniques to get the most out of each day. 0:00 Intro, The Kadence Power User Course
2:20 What makes someone a WordPress developer?
5:40 The importance of being able to research for answers
6:19 How Ben got into WordPress
8:10 Why WordPress is so empowering for developers
8:45 What you should be learning to become a developer
10:47 Learning by teaching
15:11 Hacking as a method of learning and empowerment
18:08 The Kadence teardown event with The Good on November 10
19:45 The Kadence team’s productivity hacks: how to get more done in less time Transcript and show notes: https://www.kadencewp.com/blog/episode-19-what-makes-someone-a-wordpress-developer/ For more information about Kadence, visit the following links:
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