Episode 18: How to Easily Win with Google’s Helpful Content Update

In this episode, the Kadence team takes a look at a recent algorithm change that Google released that they are calling the Helpful Content Update. This new change is targeted towards elevating “people-first content” in Google’s search engine result pages. Once you’ve got the fundamentals of the technology in place with WordPress and Kadence, how do you give Google, and your customers, what they’re really after? What exactly is helpful content and how can this new algorithm change actually help guide you towards creating more effective websites? Timestamps & Links
0:00 Introduction
0:36 Google’s Helpful Content Update (what creators should know)
1:09 Why is Google doing this?
2:07 Sites we’ve seen that might be at risk with the helpful content update
5:42 Questions to ask yourself when publishing content
7:21 An example of helpful content: gardening content authenticity
8:47 The importance of knowing your audience
9:39 Making content no one else can make: add your personality to your content
12:48 What makes a website trustworthy?
13:58 Using original photography, or at least make the images original somehow
16:25 Leverage YouTube and other social media platforms to show authentic authority
17:36 Interlinking content within your site
18:48 The Kadence Table of Contents Block
19:24 Link building: build relationships first
22:02 Our organic link building experience led to a collaboration with The Good
22:59 The KadenceWP + The Good Teardown Livestream event, submit your site Show notes and transcript:
https://www.kadencewp.com/blog/episode-18-how-to-easily-win-with-googles-helpful-content-update/ https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2022/08/helpful-content-update

Table of Contents

Live Teardown With The Good

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