Episode 16: Building a Personal Brand by Being of Service to Others

In this episode, we talk about Ben’s experience at WordCamp US in San Diego, California, and how building a personal brand is good for both entrepreneurs as well as employees. But just how do you go about building a reputation and a personal brand? We determine that being of service to others and helping others learn and solve problems in your niche of expertise is the fastest way to build authority and a reputation that serves you for years to come. 0:00 Introduction
0:19 WordCamp US 5:19 What is personal branding?
6:37 Creating authority in your niche
8:08 Aligning your brand with who you really are
9:41 Imposter syndrome and being authentic 11:10 Focus on being helpful and being of service to your niche, help who you were yesterday
14:59 Focusing on your niche
17:00 Your personal brand when you work for a company
21:33 When you don’t like sharing on social media
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