Elementor Tutorials - From Cloud to Kit

Check out Elementor cloud here: https://ideaspot.com.au/elementor

Today we will set up a multiple category blog using an Elementor Site Kit. The tutorial will show you the basics of working with post archive templates, post templates and email popups using Elementor pro.

Our previous Elementor tutorial where we setup a more basic site kit is here:
This covers some of the more simple aspect of working with basic elements like headers, images, backgrounds etc.

0.00: Introduction to site kits
2:10 Elementor Pro and Cloud
2:49 Setup Elementor Site Kit
6:00 Logo and Favicon
7:49 Menu
9:11 Displaying Posts in Elementor
12:24 Theme Builder Post Archive Templates
16:43 Single Post Templates
20:12 Adding new posts
23:06 Post display settings
24:34 Email Popups
27:59 Finishing Touches
30:41 Conclusions

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