We have just finished a small sprint releasing Elementor related compatibility updates for some of our older themes and plugins. In total we have released updates for 42 themes and 3 plugins. Read on for more info regarding the update and the items affected.

What’s changed

Some of our older themes and plugins utilized the ElementorScheme_Color and ElementorScheme_Typography classes which where deprecated in version 3.2.0 and removed with version 3.6.0, this could cause some errors on sites with the latest version of Elementor installed. We have replaced the removed classes with their replacements ElementorCoreSchemesColor and ElementorCoreSchemesTypography respectively. We have also replaced Controls_Stack::_register_controls() which has been deprecated in version 3.4.0 and will be deleted in version 3.8.0 with Controls_Stack::register_controls() to prevent future errors.

What was affected

Below you will find a list of the plugins and themes updated. You will notice that the majority of the themes are legacy ones, our latest themes based on the Ignition Framework did not encounter any issues with the latest versions of Elementor.


  • Elements Plus
  • AudioIgniter Pro
  • Ignition Elementor Widgets


CSSIgniter themes

  • Andros (Legacy)
  • Beaute
  • Berliner (Legacy)
  • Brittany
  • Business3ree (Legacy)
  • Convert (Legacy)
  • Corner (Legacy)
  • Cousteau Pro (Legacy)
  • Doberman
  • Hellomouse (Legacy)
  • Hugo
  • Kea (Legacy)
  • Koehn
  • Korina (Legacy)
  • Listee (Legacy)
  • Loge (Legacy)
  • Moliere (Legacy)
  • Neto (Legacy)
  • NoozBeat (Legacy)
  • Oikia (Legacy)
  • Olsen
  • Oscillator (Legacy)
  • Oxium
  • Palermo (Legacy)
  • Paperbag
  • Pinmaister
  • Prayer (Legacy)
  • Projektor (Legacy)
  • Public Opinion Lite
  • Salon (Legacy)
  • Sessions
  • Struct (Legacy)
  • SunResort
  • Technico (Legacy)
  • The Styler
  • True North
  • Vidiho Pro
  • Vigour (Legacy)
  • Zermatt (Legacy)

Themeforest Themes

  • Chords
  • Mykonos

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