CyberPanel WordPress Setup (1-Click Install on Vultr)

Free trial here ??

Today we run a quick setup of CyberPanel and WordPress using a Vultr High Frequency VPS. You can try this for yourself using the free trial link above – this is a very high performance WordPress setup for a very small budget, and a great alternative to regular shared hosting.

Vultr Benchmark Video:

Other method:
Cyberpanel Install Script Method:

0:00 Introduction
0:56 Get VPS
1:38 Launch Server
3:22 DNS Setup (Namecheap example)
4:21 DNS Setup (Cloudflare example)
4:46 Connect to VPS
6:19 Cyberpanel Setup
8:58 Make a new WordPress website
11:57 Other Features
14:12 Multiple sites
14:35 Performance testing
15:24 Email options

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