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00:00 Introduction
00:02:18 History of the Web
00:04:13 Web2.0
00:06:38 Web3.0
00:08:06 Blockchain Technology
00:11:35 Smart Contracts
00:12:22 Cryptocurrencies explained
00:13:10 Making your own Cryptocurrency (Token)
00:13:33 Tokens explained
00:15:28 Meme coins
00:16:21 Other things you can invest in
00:16:41 Crypto Safety 101
00:16:58 Licences to be aware of
00:17:15 KYC
00:17:36 Authenticators
00:17:54 How to check what other people are investing in
00:18:56 How to buy and sell Crypto
00:21:22 How to create a Crypto Collection
00:23:54 How to get financial advice

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