In this video we cover how to setup your own free email server in just a few minutes. In this video we user Cyberpanel to do this, which is a great free email panel that is easy to setup and use.

This is a great video for anyone who wants to learn how to create their own email server, or just needs to set up an email server for testing purposes. We cover how to create an email server for a webmail client, a simple mail client, or a POP3/IMAP4 server. We also cover how to setup email for sending SMTP mail for your applications like WordPress.

In the video I’m using a Vultr VPS to host, as I mentioned you can get a 30 day trial here:

Note there are some VPS providers may not allow email by default as a security measure, but will unblock it if you request it through support. So check with your provider if you run into any issues.

I’ve covered setting up Cyberpanel from the command line a few times on the channel too, e.g.

Vultr had a one click installer which saves a few steps, but really the command line method is just a single command and selecting a few options (takes about 1 extra minute).

Finally, if you’d like something a little more beginner friendly, you can get a free custom email at zoho, my tutorial is here:

For more WordPress tips and tutorials check out our blog:

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0:00 Introduction
1:17 Server setup
5:13 Cyberpanel config
6:20 DNS config
10:55 Reverse DNS
12:20 Server SSL
14:04 Mailbox setup and testing
15:43 SMTP setup and testing with WordPress
18:36 Conclusions