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Your starter site will usually come with a contact form. It’s located on the contact page and will look something like this.

You’ll need to set it up for it to work. Go to your dashboard.

There should be a dashboard item called ‘WPForms’, click it.

Click ‘edit’ under the form called ‘Contact form’.

Click settings.

Select ‘Notifications’.

Under ‘Default Notification’ you can change the ‘send to email address’ to your own email. This will send you an email whenever a reader fills out the conact form.

You also need to change the ‘From Email’. WordPress needs to address the email ‘from’ the same domain that your WordPress site is on.

This step is important. If the ‘from’ email isn’t set up properly, the emails might end up in your spam folder, or get blocked all together!

After you’re done, click save.

That’s all there is! Your blog is ready to go!