You’ll learn how to use a free Cloudflare account to optimize your WordPress loading speed. This takes advantage of edge caching your pages across the Cloudflare CDN. This has the big advantage of speeding up your pages across the entire world – not just for visitors near your server location.

If you haven’t already set up a free Cloudflare account for your site, the tutorial for this is here:

While you can get this officially through the Cloudflare ‘Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) service, which is included in paid plans, but costs $5 /month per site if you’re on a free plan.

But, it’s worth trying out the method we use in this video first, since you can likely get the same result for free in most cases.

Like I mentioned in the video, some pages will always still need to be dynamically generated for each visitor – e.g. the WooCommerce cart and checkout pages. If you want these to be as fast as possible, I’d recommend setting up a Vultr High Frequency server in my tutorial here:

Or if you’re a beginner, you can easily get a managed Vultr High Frequency server from Cloudways already set up for you here:
?? (Free Trial)

If you’re interested in the cheap hosting I used on this tutorial, I have a discount referral here:
?? and use the coupon code ?? IDEASPOT for a nice discount.

0:00 Cloudflare Optimization Intro
0:56 WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache
1:24 Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization
1:50 WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache Settings
2:06 Get Cloudflare API Key
2:47 Enabling Page Caching
3:16 GTmetrix performance testing
4:52 Integration with other performance plugins
7:13 TTFB performance improvements
7:44 Cloudflare free account setup tutorial link


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