Charter’s donations to charities and lawmakers may help it impose data caps

Nonprofits and lawmakers that got donations urge FCC to kill merger conditions.

A Charter Spectrum service van used by a cable technician.

Enlarge / A Charter Spectrum van in West Lake Hills, Texas, in April 2019. (credit: Tony Webster / Flickr)

filed the petition with the Federal Communications Commission last month, asking the FCC to eliminate merger conditions applied to its 2016 purchase of Time Warner Cable two years early. If Charter’s petition is granted, the company would be able to impose data caps on its Spectrum broadband service and charge network-interconnection fees to video providers after May 18, 2021, instead of in May 2023 as scheduled.

With the FCC seeking public comment, the docket is overwhelmingly filled with consumers urging the commission to oppose Charter’s request for permission to limit consumers’ data usage and charge data-overage fees. “In this age of Internet communication, data caps are an unscrupulous way to gouge money from clients, many of whom do not have alternative Internet sources. This is unacceptable,” one person wrote in a sentiment echoed by hundreds of other Internet users who wrote to the FCC in the past few weeks.

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